Looking for tips to travel to Japan? Perfect! And having forgotten something important for not being proactive can cause unwanted last-minute problems. It is important to review the preparation of the trip so that everything goes well and do not leave anything behind.

Although Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, there are personal needs that we could have at certain times that are better to plan before and not during.

In this post, we will give you tips to travel to Japan and more important basic recommendations so you can enjoy your trip to Japan to the fullest.

Decide when to travel to Japan.

Does it seem logical, right? However, your trip will be conditioned and much for the time of year you decide to travel. Japan in spring , summer , autumn or  winter , are completely different in terms of festivals , prices or weather . What time of year do you like the most? What are your interests? When to travel to Japan ?. Personally I like Japan at all times of the year. Each one always has something interesting to offer. In our section, “Japan Holiday Calendar” and”Dates to travel to Japan” we clarify these topics so you can decide more wisely.

Find the cheapest flight.

Finding a good price on the plane ticket will, in most cases, affect the number of days we can afford to be on vacation. Search, search, search and compare everything you can to find the best price. The entry”Flights to Japan. How to find the best price “, it will be very helpful to find the best price for your flight. Skyscanner is currently the best global search engine and the most recommended. Among other things because it is an independent meta-search engine that has no other purpose than searching among more than 1000 pages between travel agencies and airlines. Other search engines are actually from the same agencies or airlines that the only thing they do is search among the prices of themselves.

Calculate the budget of your trip to avoid surprises.

Of course, it’s one of the things we should always do on any trip. It is important that you calculate the budget taking into account the prices of your destination. How much will you spend on accommodation? transport? How much does it cost to eat in Japan?

In our post “Budget to travel to Japan” , we give you all the keys so that you can configure your budget as realistic as possible based on your preferences.


Regarding the visa, most of the Hispanic countries have a visa for tourism with a maximum duration of three months. Take your passport, by hand, since you will have to present it several times at airports, but be sure not to lose it.

Currency exchange, payments and cards in Japan.

Regarding money in cash, it is important that you make a calculation about the amount of money that you are going to take so that you do not miss out or fall short. You can exchange your currency to Japanese currency in establishments or in online companies such as nihonex. These one in particular, offer very competitive prices with respect to the rates of establishments in airports etc. Check our post on currency exchange to yen and also find out about cards, ATMs and payments in Japan.

In Japan there are many establishments where they do not accept card payments, so if you do not have enough money changed, you could have a problem. It is usual to find that not all ATMs allow you to withdraw money with cards from other countries.

 Secure your documents

My advice not to suffer losses and whenever possible, is to bring all the documentation digitally attached to your email. Thus, in the case of losing even the mobile, you can always access from another device to confirm your data. Nowadays, all the services that are hired are accredited digitally. It is important to be able to access them in case of need.

Hire internet to travel Japan.

Today we do not go without the internet or the bathroom. So to travel, the internet has become an essential tool, especially if we go to a culture as different as the Japanese. To connect to the Internet during a trip, there are currently several options, although the most common are:

  • Connect to free wifi networks. as in the Starbucks, stations or shopping centers. (They are not always available and the connectivity is always very low).
  • Hire a Pocket Wi-Fi.
  • Buy a SIM CARD.

Learn some Japanese, even if it’s very basic.

In Japan it is very common to find people with very little knowledge of English, and much less Spanish, so you should be the one who makes an effort to make you understand … It is very advisable to travel to Japan to learn a minimum of frequent expressions and words that can get you out of a hurry at a certain time.


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