Instagram followers for your business marketing


One of the most important strategies for your small business is marketing through social networks. Before, to obtain clients, the common thing was to opt for strategies such as flyers, snooping, filling the entire city with posters or standing at the corners to distribute business information. At present, although this continues to be done, in a globalized world and in cyberspace, this is no longer enough.

No matter how good your business is or how efficient you are, if you do not have a presence on the internet and mainly, on social networks, you are at a disadvantage compared to other companies that are. Now be in networks like facebook, twitter, and Instagram, can give your small business a very important plus and help the positioning of your business brand.

In this article, we will talk about why buy Instagram followers for the marketing strategy of your business.

Why buy instagram followers?

Instagram is a social network that is managed through the cell phone and allows you to share photos and videos. You can also share photos, videos, and images from programs such as Gramblr.

Users are usually very active, who like to interact in the community, sharing photos and videos with effects, filters, and complementary images. In this social network the profile of influencer has been positioned, which is when a user, for example, a renowned chef, model, athlete, etc., shares his experiences on the network, is followed by thousands and thousands of fans and this makes Advertising companies contact these users to offer them the sponsorship of their brands or services.

It has been so much the growth of Instagram, that even Facebook, that bought Instagram in 2012, has lost space in front of this social network since the new generations, enjoy more sharing their experiences. Unlike when Facebook acquired Instagram, which had 30 million registered accounts, currently, already exceed the 1,000 million accounts created.

Therefore, what does this mean for your business? What cannot be left behind, to greater participation in this social network, greater exposure and possibilities to achieve important business, close contracts and obtain potential customers. However, sometimes create an account from scratch and go looking to increase your number of followers, it can be a slow and laborious process, which makes your business, may have less exposure to other companies in your same area.

When an Instagram profile has thousands and thousands of followers, the same social network begins to give you more exposure, other users join and this encourages your business to grow and your brand to become known. Therefore, although it is possible to get followers little by little organically, the process may take time and therefore it is urgent that you try to promote your brand, whether paying to advertise on the same social network, through Facebook or why not, buying the followers in serious and reliable pages.

A page where you can opt for this type of service is social runner since it is a totally legal company and where you can purchase the service safely, without fear of your money disappearing. Likewise, the service guarantees that your followers account or “likes” of false profiles will not be filled, but correspond to real users, as indicated on their website.

So, when asked why to buy followers on Instagram, it would be because:

The brand of your company is positioned more by having a greater number of followers.

Other users join your account, seeing that your profile has thousands of users.

A profile with a greater number of followers and with greater interaction is much more reliable

It gives you the possibility of having more options to get clients and close contracts.

How to buy instagram followers safely

To buy Instagram followers safely, it is advisable to opt or pay advertising to the same Instagram through advertising to promote your business, or also access serious companies where you can get in a matter of minutes said, followers. Usually, this type of services offered to provide followers once the payment is made, so you should look for companies that provide real followers and not fake users or the so-called “bots” because this type of service will not be useful to improve the brand of your business.

Also, it is important that you investigate which providers provide this service and that they are serious since you run the risk of being a victim of a scam. Look for the company to be legally constituted and not just a page without customer service.

Another important point is that a serious company will never ask for the password of your Instagram account, be careful, because there are a lot of scammers in the network than what they could do, apart from stealing money, is taking away your social profile.


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