How to hire a web designer or a web design agency


But if you do not have the skills that are required in the art of web design and development, you will need to hire a designer and a web design agency to do the work for you. This can be an overwhelming task that you have never done. But we can help you.

This article will take you through some questions you should formularte and things you see when you hire a web designer or design agency web pages. In this way, you can get rid of all the possible stress related to the web design process.

Starting (before you talk to anyone)

Before you even look at design portfolios or call web design agency, you need to know what you’re looking for on a web page. Is your project new or is it a redesign? How long do you plan to launch it?

Be realistic about time and schedule. A simple web page can be completed in a short delivery time, but a more complicated and large scale can take hundreds of hours of work.

Investigate and answer these questions:

What do you need? Is a web page among your marketing plan?

Do you have branding material and a style guide at hand?

What kind of content do you plan to include on the website? Is it available for the designer to work with him?

What are the objectives of your website?

Who is your target audience?

What makes your website and unique content?

Interview with the designer or the digital agency

You would never hire an employee without having gone through an interview process; the same happens when hiring someone to design your website. You should review the work of the designer (or web design agency), see references and make sure it is a good contract.

There are eight things you should look for in each candidate:

  1. Portfolio:  The portfolio of the web designer you hire has to like you. Many designers have a personal style or perform better with certain techniques than others. Make the designer fit with the type of work or web page you want.
  • References: Ask for references and review them. Do the designer’s projects have good grades or have client testimonials? Find a designer or digital agency that has been in the industry for at least three to five years.
  • Experience: Review the resumes of potential web designers. As you would with any other job candidate, you will see elements that impress you or worry you. Ask questions about your field of work and how it relates to your project. Consider contacting the other employers of a candidate.
  • Time:  What kind of time do you expect compared to what the designer or agency can provide? Are you the kind of person who wants others to contact you quickly? Then you need a designer who can do that. Make sure, before hiring, that he or she has the time available for your project.
  • Creative workflow:  How does a designer or design agency work? What is included in the price and scope of the project? Understand what communication will be given along the way, what you are expected to provide and what elements will be given to you once the project is complete.
  • Education and training:  Review the designer’s education. A well-designed page is not the same as having a career in computer science. Does your designer have some technical and design knowledge? Where did you study and be trained?
  • Communication skills:  Hire someone with whom you can communicate clearly and easily. It may be tempting to hire someone who is on the other side of the world, but if you want to have meetings in person, you will need someone who is closer to you.
  • Good relationship: Trust your first impression: is this web designer someone you get along with? Remember that you will spend a lot of time working together and communicating during the project and you should be able to work well with him or her.

Consider the type of web page you’ll get

Also think about your website in more technical terms. Will you own the website once it is ready? What kind of infrastructure do you have? Will you be able to use it and maintain it?

These are important considerations, especially if you hire a person per project and not a digital person or agency that continues to work for you or your company.

Consider the following carefully:

  • Will you have possession of the website and your domain name? (For almost everyone, the answer must be yes.)
  • Do you prefer a custom development or a standard and open source structure? If you plan to have a web page that does not change or needs updating, customization can work well. If you plan on having a page with many interactive, updatable and changing features, consider a standard infrastructure to be a common content management system, such as WordPress.

Work based on a budget

Finally, you need to think about the budget and the payment. What kind of web designer can you pay for? How will the payment be?

Establish a project from the beginning and be clear about what the budget is, so that you can work within that scope. Document all contracts and payments before any work is done.

Be aware that there are wide ranges of the costs of jobs of this type. You can find designers for the ridiculous price of 25 $ hour up to hundreds per hour. Research and compare prices for the scope of your project.

Also think about how to plan the payment for the website. Consider multiple payments as goals and objectives are met rather than paying half in advance before the project starts and half of what was agreed upon once it is complete.


Hiring a web designer or a web design agency can be a challenge, but it also offers a great opportunity to look at good jobs, talk to some creative people and open you up to a process while planning the design or redesign of a web page.


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