Diet to lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks


If you carry a few extra kilos, we suggest you make this diet that is rich, healthy and allows you to lose weight without realizing it.

This is a practical diet that does not restrict too much but rather orders food. It lasts only 2 weeks and today we provide it with your food plan, menus and recipes.

Lose weight too fast is not the best measure because rapid weight loss can endanger health and the line, but in two weeks, with low calorie diet, but well balanced and healthy you can achieve positive results. Goodbye to feel heavy and bloated, to water retention, pain in the joints … it’s all in your willpower.

Diet of 5 kilos in 2 weeks: the scheme

The last-minute diets are often harmful to our health and to our line because you can lose weight only in an illusionary with the loss of fluids or even just lean mass. There are diets, for example, that promise a weight loss of 5 kilos in 3 days, but apart from that it rarely happens – only that it is a person with a lot of overweight and fast of liquids in those three days -.

Slightly different is the diet to lose five kilos in two weeks, in fact it is not a complicated company: but this regime allows at least to follow a fairly balanced diet without drastic cuts.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this diet has its laws. They are these and must be respected to the letter.

  • Never eat out of a meal
  • Consume, in addition to the 3 main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a snack in the afternoon
  • Do not drink alcohol or sugary drinks such as soda, chocolate, juices. 
    Drink at least a liter and a half of water a day
  • Never skip meals
  • Take homemade vegetable broth or Light as a comforting liquid if you are hungry.
  • Drink herbal tea without sugar or sweetened with artificial sweetener, try not to overdo it with coffee and tea that can give you anxiety. Mate, in moderation.
  • Limit the use of oil and prefer the extra virgin olive: a teaspoon per meal
  • Limit fruit to only two servings per day maximum
  • Try to prefer carbohydrates with a low glycemic index – for example, consume little bread, potatoes, rice or noodles, no more than what is indicated on the menu – or replace them with fruits and vegetables, foods rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibers that give you a feeling of fullness.
  • Perform a constant physical activity two or three times a week. If you can not practice sports, pilates, cycling, brisk walking or swimming, do not use the means of transport: go on foot.

 The diet menu

After learning the basic tips of the plan, let’s focus on what foods to eat and how to distribute them throughout the day. The secret is to try to intervene in the metabolism. You do not eat the same thing during the following days but you vary from proteins to vegetables, to fruits, from chicken to fish, another day meat, etc. Here is the menu, an example of a week of this weight loss diet that you can replicate for the following week.

Monday: Breakfast: 1 infusion, 1 low-fat yogurt with a glass of orange juice. Lunch: 150 grams of grilled chicken breast with salad dressed with lemon juice and a teaspoon of oil. Snack: Fruit salad (without bananas or grapes and without sugar, serving, a tea-size cup). An unsweetened tea or coffee. Dinner: 200 grams of boiled fish with salad or vegetables to taste, 30 grams of wholemeal bread, a fruit •

 Tuesday: Breakfast: 1 cup of skim milk with two handfuls of cereals (without sugar) Lunch: 70 grams of pasta with vegetables. Snack: 1 low-fat yogurt Dinner: 150 grams of red meat, 1 home-made vegetable broth, 1 apple.

• Wednesday: Breakfast: a cup of green tea, two whole-grain cookies and a glass of orange juice and grapefruit. Lunch: 1 portion of lean pork loin with lemon juice with lentil purée and a fruit. Snack: fruit salad Dinner: 2 cups of vegetable broth with 40 grams of brown rice. A fruit.

Thursday: Breakfast: 1 low-fat yogurt and cereals, fruit salad Lunch: 1 serving of watercress salad and canned tuna with lemon oil, olive oil. Before lunch, make a snack: a green tea and a slice of toasted whole wheat bread with low-fat cheese. Dinner: 1 slice of meat to pizzaiola, with slices of tomato and a little cheese, all melted; Carrot salad, 1 boiled egg and a fruit to taste.

Friday: Breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg, tea or coffee and orange juice. Lunch: 1 chicken drumstick cooked to taste with a boiled or cooked potato in the oven. A small plate of green salad. Snack: fruit salad. Dinner: 150 grams of salmon (one small girl) 2 slices of toast and one kiwi (or orange) •

Saturday: Breakfast: fruit salad with a cup of lemon juice. Lunch: 70 grams of brown rice in vegetable broth, a salad or vegetables to taste and an apple. Refreshment: an apple cooked with honey or a fruit and vegetable smoothie. Dinner: 1 cup of vegetable broth and all the vegetables you want to eat, at ease.

 Sunday breakfast: 2 whole-grain toast with two slices of avocado, one fruit and one orange juice Lunch: 80 grams of pasta with tomato or vegetables. Snack: fruit salad in season Dinner: 2 fillets of hake steamed or roasted with lemon, asparagus or boiled broccoli, a kiwi 


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