How to create an online affiliate store?


Creating an online store has become a very common idea to create a business. Today it is easier than ever using tools such as Prestashop or WordPress + WooCommerce, where you can create your online store very easily.

One of the decisions that you will have to make without a doubt is where you are going to get the products from. Obviously you have the traditional option of buying wholesale products, but there are other opportunities. On the one hand, surely you already know the dropshipping, where you do not take charge of the shipments of the products, nor the storage of the merchandise, but to manage the payments.

Well, today we want to talk about an option where you still do less: create an online affiliate store so you can sell without stock and without having to manage payments, just charging Amazon fees.

Keys to create an online affiliate store

The best formula to create an online affiliate store is to work on a WordPress design. We must use an e-commerce template that we can use with WooCommerce and that is compatible with the Woozone plugin if we want to synchronize our products with Amazon so that the prices and information of the product coincide with the real one.

This is very important, because among the conditions of Amazon’s affiliate program it is indicated that you have to give real information, not to deceive the user, so if prices are not updated automatically, it is very likely that your store will not adjust to the conditions and could ban you from the affiliate program.

But for that is precisely the possibility of creating a synchronized online store, using WooCommerce and the Woozone plugin, which will allow you to add products in a very easy way and better manage the development and creation of your online store.

Among some tips that we would like to give you to create your affiliate store, it is worth mentioning:

  • Rewrite the product descriptions: you’ll see that the Woozone plugin allows you to spin Amazon’s descriptions so that an original text comes out. However, this is not recommended for the user and we recommend that you write them directly from the information of the product itself.
  • Take care that the images that come out have quality: as undoubtedly one of the elements that most influences the purchase of a product is the vision of the image. In your products section you can see which images come out as main and you can then customize this option to fit your requirements.
  • Check that everything works: in an affiliate store with WooZone, the customer adds the product to the shopping cart in your store. But the check out will go to Amazon, just at the time you add the product to the shopping cart to finish the purchase there. This is very advantageous because most people trust Amazon and already have an account there to buy quickly. Check that everything works.
  • Set the cookie for 90 days: set the cookie to be activated for 90 days. All affiliate links that Amazon adds usually have a cookie that expires in 24 hours. With this option you can make the cookie last longer, so that if a person adds a product to the cart and buys a product on Amazon within a week or in the next three months, you will take commission. Many more possibilities to earn money!

What is the difference between dropshipping and online affiliate store?

In the dropshipping the customer makes the purchase in your online store. Make the payment through your payment gateway or your PayPal. On the other hand, in the affiliate store the client does not pay you anything. You pay Amazon and it’s Amazon that pays you the corresponding commission.

The difference is seen in the league: in Dropshipping you have much more room to set the prices you want and control your profit margin. In Amazon, you earn a percentage that in many cases will not exceed 10%, so in this sense it has its disadvantages. However, the main advantage of affiliate stores is that they are fully automated, customers do not buy from you and therefore you do not have to worry about anything other than marketing.

Is it better affiliate store or affiliate page?

An online affiliate store can give an image of seriousness and professionalism greater than those of an affiliate page, where you depend on the user to click on the link and you will have to place it very well for it to do so.

In affiliate stores, everything is optimized as an online store for the customer to add a product to the shopping cart, and then finish it at Amazon. It is much more effective and more attractive for the user, but yes, the work will have to do the same.


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