Tips for hiring the services of a digital marketing agency


Every time a greater number of companies, from micro-SMEs to large international corporations of any sector, accept the importance of having an Internet presence; whether through web pages, social networks, blog, webinar, marketplaces … All of them try to create, care for and work their image on the network , with the intention of establishing a privileged position in the minds of consumers through marketing digital 

To that end, many of these companies have their own marketing department from which all digital actions are managed. However, there are cases in which organizations do not have the necessary resources to carry out these actions and require outsourcing this service to a specialized third party.

In the current scenario, there is also a third case in which, despite own marketing team, the services of marketing agencies are required because they do not have the precise capacity to cover all the procedures that are necessary to put to work any campaign or to enable a web.

For all this, from EyeT. services , we are going to explain to you what a digital marketing agency is , what it does and what you should look for the correct choice of its services.


To understand what a digital marketing agency does, we must first define what Digital Marketing is . This marketing specialization covers all the commercial practices and strategies that are carried out in online media. Therefore, a digital marketing agency is responsible for:

  • Generate digital marketing strategies.
  • Create web content
  • Improve the positioning in search engines.
  • Digital advertising campaigns.
  • Communicate through social networks.
  • Caring for online reputation.

To fulfill all these actions, digital marketing agencies  usually have multidisciplinary teams specialized in various sectors:

  • Programmers for web development.
  • Journalists to make the best content strategies.
  • Analysts to carry out and study digital advertising campaigns.
  • Graphic designers to make visual content.
  • Photographers
  • Creatives


With the emergence of marketing began to appear the first advertising agencies. The passage of time, and the emergence of the Internet, meant its evolution to specialized service agencies in the online medium: digital marketing agencies. Currently, there are different types of agencies that you should know to choose the one that best suits you:

  • Media agencies. This type of agency is the most traditional because they existed before the arrival of the Internet. His activity focuses on the management of advertising spaces in the media. They work as intermediaries between companies and media and their objective is to optimize the advertising budget of their clients, always offering them the best options adapted to their activity. We are talking about agencies that started working years ago when there was only the off-line media, so their services range from advertising in print, television and radio.
  • Advertising agency. The advertising agencies focus on the creation, execution and distribution of advertising campaigns on behalf of the advertiser. They go one step further than the media agencies, because they also do the creatives that will be exposed in different media.
  • Agency of contents. This type of agencies try to create strategies and content for your brand, which end up generating confidence. These contents, such as the post of a blog, are intended to inform, retain, and get leads in a natural way and without being invasive. The agencies try to make content that, in addition to providing value to customers, are well valued by Google for a good position in front of the competition.
  • Digital marketing agencies. They are the most current and are fundamentally focused on the 2.0 world. They provide their services in the online channel and focus on creating digital strategies, planning, creating and managing content, dissemination of messages, active listening and dialogue with users. They seek the participation of customers, trying to get them involved with the brand and create long-term relationships. Its key objective is to promote brand awareness, create positioning and increase sales.

Working with a digital marketing agency is really important if we take into account that most of your competitors already have the services of one, and that the creation of a brand image is vital to convert potential customers into final customers. It is NOT advisable to leave this task in people inexperienced in the matter or in simple amateurs. Optimize your marketing investment with the best choice of your marketing agency.


Once you have decided that what you need for your company are the services of a digital marketing agency , the next step is to decide which will be the most suitable for the characteristics of your company.

Before making any appointment, we suggest a series of tips so that you do not “waste” your time in repeated presentation meetings.

  1. Mark your goals. You must determine your own objectives before hiring any digital marketing agency . Once you know how far you want to go, you can begin to choose possible agencies with which to work, that suit your specific needs.
  2. Check the services they offer. In relation to the previous advice, you must know the services offered by each of your options. Many times the names are quite technical, or even several tasks are grouped under a single name, so do not hesitate to ask.
  3. Know your portfolio In addition to studying what specific services they offer, it is recommended that you meet some of your clients, old and current. Having this information will help you discover how the company works, what kind of web they do, how they communicate on social networks, etc …
  4. Discover his web page. The website of the digital marketing agency should be your best letter of introduction. An agency with an unimproved website, not adapted to mobile, unintuitive, or with low loading speed leaves much to be desired and you will be before a digital marketing agency  that is not able to create the ideal website for your company.
  5. Check your content creation. If you are going to trust that agency for your content creation, check what capabilities it has. How does the agency communicate with its users? Do you have a blog? Are they present in social networks? All this will not give you anything other than a sample of how that digital marketing company works.
  6. Good work team. Be interested in knowing what team is behind the digital marketing agency. Workers specialized in different areas will carry out a more complete work.


Once you have followed the previous guidelines and you have established your objectives, you have investigated which marketing agencies are most related to your business and have contacted them asking for their prices, there is only one thing left: the final choice. We leave you some guidelines that will facilitate this decision process.

  • Get together with them Whenever possible, if the agency is located in your same city, arrange a meeting with them in a personal way. If the conditions prevent you from doing so, there are online media that make these meetings possible through video-calls.
  • Feel the connection. The sensations transmitted by a team are very important and those emotions can not be transmitted through a call or an email. Evaluate aspects such as that communication is easy, fast and simple.
  • Creativity and innovation. Other valuable aspects will be the creative capacity of the agency. The creativity of your proposals, your presentation, recommendations or ideas, etc., are tangible things that you should analyze.
  • Creation of proposals. The most normal thing is for a good digital marketing agency toanalyze your value proposition, your company, the model and your audience. Therefore, not only will you need to present your proposal, but also suggest changes and improvements necessary to improve the profitability of your online business. All that denotes that the agency has dedicated time and effort in studying your company and are willing to help you.
  • Real results. Apart from feeling a good connection with the team of your digital marketing agency, of being innovative, creative and dedicating time and effort to understand and improve your business, it will be essential that you generate good results and that your investment has a good return.


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