How to define the investment in digital advertising of my company?


In short we close a year and start a new one. Starting a new stage usually means planning in all departments of any company. Among these, is to define the investment in digital advertising of the company.

Defining a budget in advertising is of the utmost importance in any business. Advertising is an ideal tool to increase the sales of any company and to strengthen the brand image. But for this, it is important to create a budget plan to avoid making mistakes by investing in channels or strategies that are not appropriate for our business, or simply spending more than the account. Below we explain some tips for a good optimization of investment in advertising.

Aspects to take into account for the optimization of advertising investment

  • Know the target audience of your brand or product: To make the decision of which are the appropriate digital channels in which to invest it is very important that you know your target audience with earnestness: their age, gender, status, occupation, interests, and media usually use. A recent study on social networks in Spain published by the newspaper ABC, states that the average age understood on Facebook is between 19 and 39 years. Instagram, for its part, continues to be the millennial social network par excellence, where 65% of users are under 39 years old.
  • To quantify the results of a campaign or ROI: With traditional media such as television, magazines, or posters in the marquees; quantifying how many people our campaign had reached was impossible. But with digital media this is already within our reach. You can get data from any channel, whether you know how many people have read our email, have seen an ad on Facebook or Instagram, the number of users who have clicked on a banner, and so on. Digital media offer us the great opportunity to calculate the ROI,that is, the return on advertising investment. In this way, in addition to interpreting the results once the campaign is finished, it also allows us to make a forecast.
  • Evaluate the needs and priorities of the company: Each business has its needs according to its sector, its size, or its recent activity. For example, if you take out a new product or service, you will surely need to invest more in it to make it known.
  • Spy on your main competitors: Take a look at the advertising investments recently made by companies in the same sector as yours. Does it work for them? Do you think it could work for your company too? Yes, yes, try some type of similar campaign.
  • Be aware of new technologies in digital marketing and trends: We already know that the digital environment is constantly evolving. Therefore it is essential to be aware of all the news on Facebook, Instagram,  SEO or SEO strategies , SEM, banners or advertising spaces on websites, email marketing, and so on. Thus, it is possible to evaluate which channels are the most suitable for our business.

Trends in digital advertising in 2019


Being aware of the new technologies and trends in digital marketing is essential when it comes to defining investment in digital advertising. Below we detail all of them.

  • Ads on Instagram:

The online purchase through social networks has revolutionized the way of buying in this last year. There are many people who already do it from platforms such as Instagram, especially the millennial generation. Therefore, allocate part of your budget in Instagram campaigns should be one of the main objectives for your company during 2019. To work well this social network is essential to use the usual hashtags on Instagram more according to your company.

  • Ads on Facebook:

This is another social network that is also a great tool to sell your products or services.   The need to allocate a budget to the visibility and management of company pages is real. Every day there are more brands that do advertising campaigns on Facebook. In addition, we must remember that Facebook Market Place is a boom , a tool that allows you to upload your product catalog and sell them. Therefore, this website becomes a perfect platform for the launch of campaigns.

  • Influencers versus microinfluencers:

More and more companies are deciding to invest in advertising campaigns with microinfluencers instead of popular influencers. This is because they have greater credibility, a more local audience and generate greater engagement. It’s about putting the quality before the number of followers.

These are the main trends in digital advertising in which companies should invest this 2019. If you think we are missing some, you can leave your comment below. We will love reading you.


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