As might be expected, with the arrival and passing of 2019, various trends will be arriving or gaining ground in the world of marketing, identify and know their implications is important for any professional marketing because good practices with marketing always change to allow the design and development of strategies that generate better results. This time we will talk about the email marketing trends that will be present in the year. Highlighting them is important because it is one of the activities that better investment returns can bring to companies.

Did you know that, according to data shared by Social Media Today , 97 percent of companies use email marketing to convert the recipients of messages to customers? Consider this and also the fact that email marketing achieves 22 percent Consumers make a purchase online or occasionally do it in the store, highlights why it is important to pay attention to the changes presented by the tactic, therefore, we leave you with the 5 most important trends to consider.

Email market trends for 2019:

  • Mobile responsiveness

The first trend of email marketing to which attention should be paid is linked to responsive design. Because more than 50 percent of emails are currently open on mobile devices, it is essential to design emails well. This implies that every company must ensure that their messages are friendly with mobile devices by verifying that their texts and call-to-action buttons are visible, readable and clickable. Firms should think about how different aspects of an email will be seen on a small screen and how much time a user can scroll through the message to view the information.

Before sending, do not forget to do tests.

  • More text, less image

While it is already known that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that this can be a positive thing in the digital world, for this year it will be important that within email marketing trends you consider the one that implies that you are working with more text and less images.

This new year seems to be complicated for the images in the emails, the emails loaded with images are not experiencing good opening rates as before, it seems that the perception has changed and now the messages with many images seem spam. The above implies that it is time to emphasize the central message that you want to communicate using text. This does not mean that you should send simple emails as if it were any email that you send in the office, it means that it is necessary to work better with a consistent, conversational voice and go straight to the point.

  • Orientation methods

It can be said that email marketing has always been a profitable activity for companies, as we have mentioned in other occasions, and as highlighted by Salesforce, it is an action that can provide a return on investment of up to 3,800 percent higher. While betting on email is wise, it is even more so with a strong strategy of segmentation or orientation of messages, this is the third trend of email marketing to contemplate.

Because there are large amounts of data available today, it is estimated that we will see increasingly better strategies to maximize the scope of email marketing, this added to the automation of the email will produce a continuous growth while the investment needed to develop campaigns reduces. It is to be expected that marketing automation solutions will allow better contacts to be considered based on factors such as location or age, in order to only send relevant messages to consumers.

  • Personalization

Although the concept is not relatively new, by 2019 personalization will be one of the trends of email marketing to contemplate. To connect with consumers, companies will have to “give the extra” to excel and communicate effectively. Under the theme of personalization, the development of buyer people and customer journeys will be of great importance because they will provide the necessary resources or insights to create smarter campaigns and filter contacts taking as reference various sections, such as behavior.

Personalization is not only beneficial for the consumer by giving them the information they want, it is also a great help for the company’s finances.

As part of this trend, it hopes that the artificial intelligence leveraged in various technologies will help to make possible a better degree of personalization since it will allow analyzing what works and in a continuous way it will help to adjust the messages for each consumer.

  • Privacy

Finally, the subject of privacy should not be lost sight of in the trends of email marketing for this year. With the entry into force of various laws, such as the GDPR in the European Union, it is clear that the issue of privacy will be more present in the minds of people. In the case of international firms, it will be necessary that at the moment of creating email campaigns all the regulations that involve laws such as the GDPR are complied with, this at the same time that it ensures that all the messages sent are respectful of the time and Consumer’s privacy

The diverse tendencies that the email marketing will present reveal a panorama that can be full of opportunities for the companies that manage to leverage them. Combining them can undoubtedly represent obtaining better results. Will you take advantage of any this year? Are there others that should be contemplated ?, Share your opinion with us on social networks.


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