The best weapons of Fortnite Season 7 (updated to January 2019)


Then we talk about the best weapons of Fortnite Season 7 so you know which weapons are the most appropriate to use in each of your games, thus obtaining great results in battles.

Although in Fortnite construction is very important, much more is the issue of weapons, sometimes related to luck. But if you manage to know the most suitable weapons for your games in Fortnite, this will allow you to better adapt to the confrontations and have better results, so keep reading what we are going to say next.

In this guide we are going to expose what, in our opinion, are the best weapons to win in Fortnite , at least now for season 7. It is always advisable that you leave in your inventory most of the weapons that we are going to tell you Then, because they work very well to kill rivals in various circumstances.

The best weapons of Fortnite Season 7 (updated to January 2019)

There are a lot of weapons in Fortnite, and of different types. We’ll talk about the types of weapons that work best, and the best weapon for each of them.

Best Shotguns season 7

It is the weapons preferred by users, ideal for both short and medium distance. They manage to remove enormous damage and if you hit on the head you could make direct eliminations.

Highlights the legendary version of the Pump shotgun that manages to remove 110 base damage. But if you want a fast shotgun , the heavy shotgun is the best option since it has a higher trigger rate and also has a better damage rate to the structures.

  • Weapons you should always carry: heavy shotgun

Best assault rifles season 7

There are many assault rifles to choose from this season 7. We have the basic M16 assault rifle and as many bursts of assault rifles. He also has Scar type assault rifles of different rarities, and also the heavy assault rifle, one of our favorites.

In any case we want to highlight the assault rifle with silencer given that it has an index of damage of 33 in level of legendary rarity and that will allow you not to attract attention.

But we are left with the legendary Scar assault rifle or the heavy assault rifle . The latter has a damage index of 48, while the legendary assault rifle has a higher firing rate of 5.5.

  • Weapons you should always carry: assault rifle with silencer and assault rifle Scar

Best machine guns season 7

They stand out for a very fast firing rate and are ideal for those players who are not so precise at the time of aiming. We like the legendary Compact machine gun that has a very good firing rate and a damage rating of 21, which makes a damage rate per second of 210 points, ideal if you want to quickly finish the shield of any player.

  • Weapons you should always carry: compact machine gun and suppressed air machine gun

The two options we have are the heavy sniper rifles and the bolt action sniper rifles that are capable of eliminating the player with a single shot.

We’re left with the heavy sniper rifle , because although we have to reload the weapon after each shot, in its legendary version has a base damage of 157, which can kill any opponent with a single shot.

In any case if you are looking for stealth, you can go for the new assault rifle with silencer that has just been added. It has a damage index lower than 105 compared to the previous one, but it has stealth and that is very important so that they do not locate us after the shot.


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