The best Kodi add-ons you can install in 2019


These are the best add-ons for Kodi that we can install in 2019, one of the most complete programs to enjoy entertainment and content that is not available in Spain, as well as the possibility of creating a SmartTV on an old television.

A new year begins and we return to the charge with Kodi. Although every time it is a more and more popular program, Kodi may not sound good to you. It was born in 2002 as XBMC, or Xbox Media Center, an application that was installed on an original Xbox modified to play content. In fact, with XBMC, the first Xbox was a state-of-the-art multimedia machine.

Later it was taken to other devices and operating systems, and today Kodi is a program that comes pre-installed in some media players, ” boxes ” and Android TV is an indispensable in many phones, computers, micro-computers and other systems in the that you want to play content.

As with almost all devices, Kodi allows us to enjoy legal, illegal, and other content that, for various reasons, are not available in our territory being, if used well, a perfect tool to consume content in a totally lawful manner.

Of course, in addition to video, we also have comics, music, podcast and we can reproduce our content in local network in a very simple way.

Then we will tell you which are the best Kodi addons in 2019 , a totally legal additions to enjoy all the content we want.


YouTube is one of the best addons for Kodi . It is an application that we can download from the official repository and it allows us … well that, to have Youtube in Kodi. This is valid, like the one we will present you next, to create, for example, a SmartTV in a ” silly TV ”.

The interface of YouTube in Kodi is not one of the most intuitive that we have seen recently , but still allows us the basics, such as being able to enjoy all the content of YouTube on television without too many complications. The reproduction, even of HD content, is good and, without a doubt, it is one of the best addons for Kodi .


If you like electronic sports or streaming video games, one of the best addons for Kodi is Twitch . We can find it, too, in the official repository, since it is a tool that Amazon itself has developed and, as you can imagine, what you are going to have is Twitch on television.

Again, if you have a SmartTV or a television connected to a console, Twitch in Kodi may not interest you too much , but it is very valid for a television that does not have Internet access to enjoy all the content in Twitch , a platform that seems to keep growing.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

It has nothing to do with video games, but Microsoft Virtual Academy is, without doubt, one of the best addons for Kodi. And, it is a Microsoft program that is very didactic since, basically, it is a repository of tutorials and classes related to technology.

This addon is not going to be found in the official Kodi repository, but you can see all the details on GitHub , also from Microsoft.

Classic Cinema

If you like classic cinema, it is one of the best addons for Kodi . There are a couple of hundred films in the original language (even some belonging to silent movies) that date back to the 60s.

That is, it is an addon to enjoy the beginnings of cinema , and the best thing is that you can install this addon from the search engine. That is, it is not like Microsoft’s where you must install from an external source.


One of the best applications of Koid to enjoy podcasts and music is Soundcloud. It is a program that will allow you to enjoy all kinds of content ” on the air ”, from radios to podcasts of programs that you like (there are many videogame podcasts) and music (again many videogame soundtracks are hanging on Soundcloud.

If you want a good music player in Kodi, Soundcloud is the most interesting , since it will allow us to have background content while doing other tasks.


And from the waves … to space. ESA has a channel in Kodi (it can be installed from Kodi’s own search engine) and it is a program to enjoy space videos to the maximum.

Currently there are many missions under way and the ESA channel in Kodi will allow us to enjoy videos dedicated to science and space. If you are curious, it is one of Kodi’s essential addons.

Google Drive and One Drive

In the past, having storage in the cloud was very limited and expensive. Currently, thanks to iCloud, One Drive and Google Drive (from Apple, Microsoft and Google respectively) it is very easy to have a lot of GB in the cloud to save documents to videos and music.

Both One Drive and Google Drive have an addon for Kodi, and is one of the best accessories for Kodi that we can download to create access to all the contents that we have previously uploaded from your mobile or computer. It is very easy to configure and the possibilities are quite interesting.


We ended up with one of the best Kodi addons . Plex and Kodi are complementary applications, but … why choose between one or the other, being able to install Plex in Kodi? We are not going to have the same options but the most basic and interesting ones.

We are going to have to have a handheld computer with Plex installed to perform the file transfer, but it is a very simple process that will allow us to have Plex in Kodi in a few minutes.

The best thing is that, like almost all the addons in this list, you do not have to install it from external sources.

You already know what are some of the best addons for Kodi in 2019 , and these, fortunately, are not those that will be removed in a few months, as they are perfectly legal.


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