Epic Games Store vs. Google Play Store: are there changes in Android?


One of the big controversies in 2018 was the decision of Epic Games not to publish Fortnite in the Play Store , and offer its installation through its website, or from the official Samsung store known as Galaxy Apps.

Why did Epic Games do this? Well, the company argued at the time that it was excessive for them to pay Google 30% of commissions for in-app purchases or integrated purchases of the application, as this would help them save some 50 million dollars per year, and the truth is that Google offered nothing for them that was worth that money.

Fortunately for Epic Games this did not affect the performance of Fortnite for Android, and it has been the most successful game of the year, generating multi-million dollar income for the company, which will now launch its own video game store for Android.

Epic Games is going to have its own Play Store but of videogames

What Epic Games did can not do any, because not all companies have the money to launch their games outside the Play Store, since it requires a good infrastructure and a good amount of advertising, which is why many Studios will continue to launch their games on the Play Store, however, Epic Games wants that to change.

Because one of the great advantages of Android is that you can install applications outside the Play Store, Epic Games will have its own Android game store, and to convince the developers will offer several resources, including the graphic engine that uses the company for Fornite , but their best letter is that they will not charge 30% of commissions that Google establishes, but they will only keep 12%, so developers can earn much more money in the Epic Games store than in the Play Store.

This does not violate any rule of Android or the Play Store, so Epic Games has the opportunity to rival the Play Store, at least as far as games are concerned, it is difficult for someone to get the you for you against Google and your Play Store in a general perspective, but this is much more likely if you do it in a particular way, and especially if you do it with something that you are an expert at.

Will this mark a before and after in Android?

Facing users this does not mean any major change, as they can continue to enjoy the games for Android, in addition to Epic Games must offer enough security to have no problem, however, this could be the start of a great change in Android.

If Epic Games is successful, it is likely that other large companies want to launch their own alternative store to the Play Store, and that may not be very happy to Google, which could lose a good amount of income for it. It is virtually impossible for Google to block the installation of applications outside of the Play Store, as this would have great repercussions on what Android has meant for many years, and that users would go over Google.

But the advantage that Google has is that even Epic Games probably can not cope with what it means for a developer to have an application in the Play Store, first for security reasons, and secondly for the advertising of the game, because for that Epic Games or the developers would have to invest so that people know their new launch, something that Google constantly happens in the same application store.


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