The best applications to broadcast movies and TV shows on Android


Thanks to technology we can now enjoy movies and other television programs on our smartphonewhile you are in movement. And now eliminates the need to sit in front of the television to watch TV shows or movies. Instead, simply install one of the streaming applications on your phone and play the content of your choice. The streaming applications are available for Android and iOS. However, here in this article, we will list some of the best applications to stream movies and TV shows on Android. While some of the applications mentioned here are paid, some are completely free. Get them on your Android device and reduce boredom while sitting alone or when traveling alone somewhere.

Best Android streaming apps



This is one of the best applications to transmit movies on Android that has been used by a large number of users. The Showbox broadcast application is completely free, so it is not necessary to spend a single penny, simply download this application and it will allow you to enjoy the movies along with several TV programs on your Android device. Once this application is installed on the Android device, it will allow you to access several movies and TV shows while you can download or steam everything you want. If you choose to download any movie or program, that can be enjoyed even if you are offline.

Download Showbox


SnagFilms is another useful application and one of the best to transmit movies on Android. It allowed users to enjoy movies on all mobile devices, while movies can be enjoyed on the video game console and other platforms as well. While SnagFilm allows you to stream movies on your Android device, you can also share some movie suggestions on social networks through it. Another best part of this streaming application is that it makes the search much easier since the movies are listed in several categories, so you just have to choose the popular movies and other sections that were recently added. This application is also completely free.

Download SnagFilms


Kodi is probably the best option if you are looking for the best applications to broadcast TV shows on Android along with movies. It is not limited only to television shows or movies, but you can also enjoy music, sports and viral videos through this streaming application. But if you can use the correct complement of Kodi, things will become much more interesting. This is a completely free application, so, once again, you do not need to spend a single penny out of your pocket. The installation and configuration process requires little time, so be prepared to devote that small amount of time necessary to configure Kodi on your Android phone.

Download Kodi


Videomix is ​​one of the oldest Android applications for current movies and free TV shows. You can enjoy movies through this streaming application. It offers Chromecast functionality while the movies available here can be sorted by year, gender and country of production. This application is periodically updated to ensure that all new movies and recent television shows are available in this application. Therefore, just go ahead and get this streaming application on your Android phone or tablet to enjoy a pleasant moment.

Download Videomix



PlayView is undoubtedly an excellent streaming application to mention in this list, which is completely free, so it saves a lot of money to enjoy TV shows and movies on Android. A different feature of this application is that it allows you to choose the quality of the sequence, while you can categorize it by popularity, genre, etc. If you have chromecast, get the transmissions of this application on your TV and enjoy the things on a larger screen in your free time.

Download PlayView

Popcorn Flix

Even though the name is very similar to Netflix, it is a completely different application through which you can stream several movies for free. According to his claim, a new movie has been added every day, so he will have many options while searching for the best movie to watch.

Download Popcorn Flix

Therefore, these are the best applications to stream movies and TV shows on your Android device. Most of the applications that we have listed here are free, so just get them on your smartphone and make life much more entertaining.


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