Why is it important to have a corporate blog on your website?


It is true that in these times digital marketing forces us to be aware of changes and developments every few months. Everything moves very fast and sometimes it is difficult to be aware of everything. Each time the concepts are more specialized and can be very strange if you are new to all this. However, there is a very powerful tool that sure sounds to you: the corporate blog . A space in which to offer information related to your sector, from which to attract users to your website and in which to convince them to stay or to become customers.

We know that SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing, Business Manager , social networks, leads … everything can be a little uphill. However, a blog is something that sounds to you, something you have visited, you know the concept and it is sure to make it much simpler to familiarize yourself with its use.

Why should you do it? Why should you incorporate a blog to your business website, even if it is a small business? Well throughout this article we will explain several reasons, so, read us carefully for the next minute and a half because it will be of great help.

A corporate blog brings quality traffic to your website

Think for a moment, how many times have you searched for a specific content and ended up in a company’s corporate blog? And you did not even notice, right? Maybe you were looking for a hiking route in the Rías Baixas and you ended up in the web of a restaurant in the area or maybe you were looking for information about your car’s tires and you ended up in the web of a mechanical workshop.

That’s exactly what a corporate blog causes, it attracts users who are looking for specific information to your website. And you know what? That you are giving it to him. Keep it clear, a blog well worked, with a good strategy and good planning, will be a magnet for qualified traffic , and that can become new customers and increased sales.

The blog will allow you to share relevant content also in social networks

Because the content you create for the corporate blog of your website will not be left alone there. We all know how important social networks are today in any digital marketing strategy.

Thanks to your blog you will generate enough content to share through different channels. In addition all your global strategy will be reinforced, you can make posts more usual than sharing on Facebook or Instagram without breaking your head or being rummaging because you do not even know what to put.

In addition, depending on the feeback received in networks, you will know what content is most interesting to your followers and you can mark a much more precise line of action.

The blog captures potential clients and generates leads

As we said above, one of the main benefits of having a corporate blog is to attract more traffic to your website. Keep in mind that your blog will address a very defined theme. It is true that you can vary according to certain parameters. For example, if you have a catering business, it is normal to talk about recipes, the importance of a healthy diet or the advantages of certain foods over others. That does not mean that you can dedicate from time to time to talk about the parties that are held in your town, concerts that take place near the area of ​​your business or even make a more tourist post.

Why? Very easy, because you will generate leads that can become customers. Your first objective will be to get visits, but the most relevant one, the one that will really make you grow, will be to convert those visits into leads. They will want to know more about you, to be aware, that you send them your news and from that to turn them into clients there is only one step.

Your blog enhances the SEO positioning of your website

As we have already told you on more than one occasion, there are two fundamental strategies to achieve positioning your website in the top positions of the most common search engines. On the one hand we have the SEM positioning that we will achieve through advertising and can give us more short-term results. On the other hand we have the famous SEO positioning that we will achieve little by little through the generation of quality content .

The corporate blog is a fundamental piece for SEO , it is the central column on which the rest of your strategy will rest, since it will be the tool that you will use to generate the quality content that Google likes so much. The king of search engines on the Internet rewards all those websites that generate good content that improve the user experience.

That is, if you get users to enter your website, read the articles because they are interesting and do not leave your virtual space at the first change, Google will be happy with you and reward you by awarding a position among the most relevant results.

The blog will improve the online reputation of your brand and your notoriety

Imagine that you are a consumer and day after day you see how a company makes publications that you find interesting. They talk about topics you like and at first glance are not trying to sell you anything aggressively. What would that brand look like? Would it give you a good impression, right? That is precisely what you can achieve with your blog. You will gain reputation without being invasive. There are other methods for when you look for a much more frontal impact, but a blog will help you to create a close brand image for consumers.


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