We tell you what web design trends are going to be for 2019


The end of the year is approaching and with that we must take stock, study how our digital marketing strategy has worked and also begin to prepare the way forward for the next stage. About to enter the third decade of the 21st century, surely you do not need anyone to tell you how important it is to have a website for your business. But yes, remember that not everything goes. We are immersed in an era of immediacy, connection through mobile and simplification for users, it is not enough to have one more site in the network, you must keep it up to date. Do you know what web design trends are for 2019 ? Do not? Do not worry, in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to get up to speed and give your style and brand a boost.

Keep in mind that online commerce continues to grow exponentially and, if you want to continue being competitive, everything happens to have an accessible, functional web space, concerned about the user experience and prepared for all devices. Let’s go there, take something to aim and take good note.

Access through mobile is the biggest of web design trends for 2019

In an article published a few weeks ago about what awaits us in terms of digital marketing for next year , we already told you about the importance of navigating through mobile phones . Keep in mind that only in Spain there are already almost 36 million smartphones and, while the connections through the PC decrease, those that are made through mobile devices do not stop growing.

It’s very simple, think about yourself and the people around you. Have you consulted anything on your mobile in the last 24 hours? Have you asked Google about a business? Have you ordered food? Have you seen what time he will do tomorrow? Have you been taking a look at a social network? Have you looked for opinions about a product? Surely, right? In fact, according to an investigation recently launched by the company We Are Social , we are already more users who do all our web browsing through mobile devices.

Keep it very clear: not having your website optimized for mobile browsing is to live in the past , and that will mean less presence, fewer visitors, fewer leads, fewer conversions and fewer sales. That your site is responsive (adapted to any type of device) is not only a web design trend for 2019, it is an obligation if you want your business to live in the present.

Move to HTPPS

Since January 2017, Google Chrome, the most widely used web browser, began to penalize less secure web pages, that is, those that used the old HTTP protocol and to “reward” all those who decided to incorporate the SSL security protocol by changing to HTTPS.

Instead of going crazy with this and you do not understand anything, let us summarize the benefits of switching to HTTPS in a very simple way: you will help SEO and the positioning of your website. You will protect the privacy of your users. Most browsers will mark your page as “not secure” if you keep HTTP. You will help protect your content and your brand from possible external attacks. You will improve the analytics of your space and you will be more protected from spam ads that may invade your website.

Simplicity, minimalism and transparent buttons

Each time we sail more and we do it through a device that we carry in our pocket and in micro-spaces of time. This has caused a big change in the way of understanding web design. We can no longer fill our page with dozens of complaints, buttons, redirects and pop-ups. We are in the era of fast content and it is essential that the information sought by each user in our space is quick, simple and above all, functional.

For all of this, minimalist designs that dominate the content and that do not distract attention are imposed . It will also tend to use transparent buttons (ghost) perfectly localizable and accompanied by large images or calls to action .

Handwritten fonts and large headers

Another trend of web design for 2019 has to do with the impact we seek to generate in the user who visits us virtually. For this , more and more large headlines are used, giant headlines that remind us of a journalistic design with a very strong and direct style.

This brings us to a more daring and one-to-one communication with the user. It is not only about the form, the content will also be more personal, less stagnant and much closer and current.

All this directly engages with the use of another style for fonts. If so far it had already become fashionable, the handmade style , or typographies that seem handwritten will be a trend in 2019. The screens will be flooded with giant letters with this style seeking to enhance a personal and different style.

Moreover, if you have the possibility, commission the design of your own typography, this will make you differentiate yourself from all the others and you will endow your brand with a unique personality.

You already know, if you do not want to stay behind with the arrival of the new year, these are the web design trends for 2019 that are most relevant and will not cost you much to apply. Also, be very clear that all this will make the experience of your visitors better or more impacted and that is always good for you.


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