6 Fundamental steps to create a professional website

professional website

Surely you have ever considered how to create a web page? How do those portals that we all consult reach the search engine?

To create a web page is not necessary to have much knowledge, it is a somewhat complicated task, but with initiative, patience and attitude can be achieved.

On the internet there are multiple tutorials to create a web page in an ‘assisted’ way, there are also very simple platforms to use, but what steps do you take?

What types of objectives are pursued when creating a web page?

The first thing that must be clear to define the starting point of the creation of a web page are the objectives that are pursued in it.

Many of the aspects that make up are going to depend on this, it will not be the same to create a corporate website as a personal one and, within this, it will not have the same scope or functionalities a website of a small company that that of a multinational giant that will have much more web traffic.

The definition of the objectives is a task prior to the design of the web page, since it will allow to determine the technical requirements to take into account to create the web page.

For example, if a photographer aims to make himself known and show his work, a template or theme will be needed to create a very visual web page and highlight his portfolio.

If, in addition, it also makes videos, some video player program will be included to show them.

If we are facing an ecommerce, a technical requirement is established to have a catalog, a shopping cart and include different forms of payment.

Variables that determine the creation of the web

Depending on the needs and objectives of the project, some or other characteristics that will be essential for the creation of the website in each case will be assessed.

– Type of page

Internet has become a place to attract customers, so if you simply pursue that, you can just opt ​​for a website type ‘one page’ .

In this type of web portals, all the information is displayed on a single page. The message is direct and the web design has no frills or functionalities that interfere and bind the client.

If what is needed is to create a global concept of the company and provide complete information about its different types of services or add relevant information, the scope of the website will be greater.

The necessary tabs will be designed to offer a comprehensive vision of the company to users.

– Business Type

Depending on the subject behind the page, the web design and architecture that will be needed will be defined.

A website that works a personal brand, for example, will not be as dense as a website that will host an ecommerce.

In the first case, a certain number of tabs that serve as the presentation of the person and their skills or services will be sufficient.

If the creation of the website is to host an online store, it will require a more complex design that contains a complete catalog of all the items for sale and their corresponding descriptions.

– Functions to add: when creating a web page you will have to evaluate the functionalities with which you must have for its correct development.

This point is derived from the type of business that will house the future web page.

Some of these aspects may be: having a payment gateway that allows economic transactions to be carried out within the website.

Creating a web page may require a connection to an external database, for example, if a form requests certain data such as the user’s ID, an external connection will allow verifying its veracity instantly.

Basic steps to create a web page

Once you have clear objectives and the specific characteristics of our case, these are the stages that must be met to create a web page step by step.

Purchase of a domain

The domain is the name that the web page will have, the address that people will enter in the search engine to access it. When choosing the domain, it is essential that it be short and result on, so that it is easily remembered.

It is also more than advisable, whenever possible, to include the main keyword. When creating a personal brand web page, ideally, it should contain the full name of the person it represents.

There are different platforms where you can buy domains, as long as they are available. There are also companies that are dedicated to jointly offer the domain with the web hosting.

Choice of web hosting

Web hosting is the virtual space in which all the files that compose a web page are stored once created. Depending on the characteristics of the website that is going to be created, more or less size will be needed in the web hosting.

Today, there are many companies to choose among them, many of them in our country with full technical support and servers in the national territory.

If you do not have much knowledge on the subject, it is necessary to know all the characteristics and properties to which you can choose.

For example, if we have more than one website, it is best to contract a multi-domain hosting or if the volume of files needed to create a full web page is going to be high, it is perhaps better to acquire more space from the beginning.

Development of the website

This section is the own assembly of the portal. If the person responsible for creating the website is a professional with the necessary knowledge, it will be necessary to simply determine a couple of issues such as the choice of possible topics to create the website or the size of the project in terms of the number of tabs and the distribution expected

The most normal thing is that we are talking about creating a web page with WordPress , the most used content manager.

Although it depends on the nature of the website, since, for an ecommerce, for example, the program to create a web page would be WooCommerce or Prestashop.

In the market there are platforms that allow you to create a web page for free or at minimum cost .

A customized web portal is configured, to suit each one.

They are portals like Wix or 1 & 1 that drag and drop modules allow you to create a web page in a very simple way. Obviously, the functionalities it offers and its performance will not be the same as those created by other means.

On the other hand, the use of WordPress is so intuitive that it is not uncommon for a person without specific knowledge to venture to create a web page. This platform has a free version that is great to experience and take the first steps.

However, if what we have in mind is to create a professional or corporate web page, it is better to opt for the paid version, since it has many more features and advantages, starting with maintaining the full domain and not with the wordpress tag. com

Website design

When creating a web page, the design of it will be a bit subjective depending on the taste of each one.

The normal thing is that certain guidelines are followed in terms of design, distribution or composition of the website, but each one will give their personal touch guided by their own criteria and personal taste.

It should be noted that the topics to create a web page should be adapted to the style of representation.

The web designer will have to take care of choosing a good logo, if they do not already have it.

You should also opt for the use of colors on the site that are consistent with those of the company, that the images are of quality and are related to the business.

It is about that, broadly speaking, everything follows the same harmonic line and has a modern design that represents the values ​​of the person or the business.

On the other hand, as important as the visual component, we must ensure the user experience at all times.

It is about creating a web page that generates positive feelings for the user when interacting with it.

For that you have to have a loading speed of the correct page, an intuitive navigation that facilitates the visit to the user and do not miss looking for what interests you and avoiding having to do a lot of scrolling or clicks to find content that satisfies your needs.

– Other aspects depending on needs

As we have said at the beginning, each business is unique and, therefore, create your website will have to adapt to their own characteristics to reflect professionalism and provide an optimal service.

Within the development of the website, it is time to include those elements that will differentiate one type of business from another and that needs to configure the essential resources to satisfy the needs of its clients in the most complete way.

With the following examples it will be clearer:

  • The website that is dedicated to the sale will include a payment gateway connected with a bank.
  • The web portal of a parcel company will incorporate a shipping feeder based on volume, weight and distance to be able to give exact information to its customers about the price or delivery time.
  • A company dedicated to the world of online training will need an internal platform to give students access to the videos, notes or slides necessary to follow the course through the website.

Indexing on Google

Once the creation of the web page is finished, the process does not end here. It is necessary to ‘present’ it to Google so that it takes it into account and shows it when someone looks for it. If the website is not indexed in the search engine, it will not represent an option for users.

To complete the indexing in Google, it is necessary to use the Webmaster tools that the search engine makes available to us. With them, we can optimize the configuration of the page and send it to index .

At this point we have already managed to create a web page, but do I have visitors? As a tip I would say that it is time to work on the SEO positioning of the newly launched portal. It has been very nice, we have put a lot of effort, but do people see us?

Following a strategy of organic positioning of the blog and the website in general, will allow us to appear in prominent places of Google to be able to represent a purchase option for users.

As we have seen, the fundamental steps to create a web page are not quite complicated.

It is not necessary to have deep knowledge on the subject, using any of the platforms that are on the market you can create a web page yourself, yes, the results of it will not be the same as if you use a designer professional.


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