5 simple and practical tricks to get your posts shared more


We know. You spend time and effort in creating quality content for your corporate blog and you give your best. You want to reach your audience with publications designed exclusively for them and, when you finally upload one of your posts … nobody reads it? Do they just have interactions? How is that possible?

Before you throw in the towel, let us help you, because you are much closer than you think about getting your posts shared. All you have to do is read the tricks that we leave you below and put them into practice.

The best tricks to get your posts shared

You may have already noticed, but although offering exclusive and useful content for your users is essential, it does not guarantee success in your publications. To get your posts shared, you need something more and that is why we are here, to help you achieve it.

So, if you were thinking about starting to generate clickbaits like there was not a tomorrow or even if it had already crossed your mind to leave your corporate blog … do not do it! We promise that with patience, you will win and these tricks will increase the shares of your texts.

Check out statistics

Okay, it may seem obvious, but publishing content when your readers are not connected will only make you waste your efforts. Therefore, the first trick to get your posts shared is to review the metrics offered by both social networks and the tools that you have installed on your website ( Google Analytics , for example).

In fact, the first times you can do different tests and observe how your texts are working depending on the hours and days of the week you choose. Then, it’s just about staying with the timing that gives you the most results.

Do you share your wisdom in social networks?

Of course, if you want to expand the interactions of your new post it is important that you share it through social networks. Not only will it reach more people, but you will also be benefiting from a better web positioning . All advantages!

Of course, as we told you before, do not forget to check the statistics to know what is the optimal publication schedule.

Another advice? Do not write the same copys for each of the platforms and adapt your language depending on the social network in which you are.

The buttons to share, your best friends

A good idea to increase your shares is to include in the posts some buttons to share on social networks. There are many plugins among which you can choose and they are very easy to install. In this way, you will be making it much easier for your readers.

Think that on the Internet we are subject to a great amount of stimuli and, surely, while they read your publication, they are also chatting, browsing other pages, watching the news, buying in some e-commerce, watching courses … in short, it is important that you pave the way as much as possible.

Create scandal titles

A while ago we shared with you a post in which we gave you some tips to create incredible titles and that nobody could resist to enter your blog. If you are interested, you can read the full publication here , but as a summary, we will tell you that the titles are the showcase of your text , the first contact, that is why it is so important that you work them well and that you spend time writing them. In fact, we recommend that you do not stay with the first of them, but that you create a list of 5 or 10 variants before choosing the winner.

Yes, do not clickbait if you do not want to start being hated by your users and stop following you.

What works best?

  • The headlines that start with a number . For some reason we love the lists and, generally, we are more seduced by a title like “5 tips for …” that “Tips for …”
  • Those that focus on some negative aspect also have a magnet effect because they stand out against other compositions that use adjectives or positive phrases and because it makes us wonder if we are committing any of those errors. Examples of negative titles? ” The mistakes in marketing that you are surely committing” or “Avoid these 5 mistakes and become an expert in Facebook Ads”
  • The questions have great results since you will be interacting directly with the reader. So, if you have a clothing company and have just made the perfect post about summer trends, you can write something like: “Do you know which trends are going to succeed next summer?”
  • As you have already seen in the rest of the points, adjectives are an aspect that you should not overlook , so do not hesitate to include them in your headlines to embellish them and give them shape. Some of those that work best are “amazing”, “success” or “incredible”

Union make force

A good way to get your posts to share more is to create strategic alliances with other brands that may be of your own sector or not and that will serve to expand your circle of followers.

For example, you can invite an expert once a month to write a post on your blog in exchange for doing the same in yours . Something that will benefit you and increase your visibility on the Internet.

Of course, you also have the option to mention different influencers in your texts and, why not, tag them on social networks when you post the post . Many of them are sure to share your content. Of course, always do so in a consistent, respectful and consistent with the issue of the publication, if not, it will be spam.


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