10 advantages of email marketing


The email marketing is a tool whose effectiveness super effective continues to demonstrate year after year. Although sometimes it may seem “the same as always”, the truth is that every time we have more possibilities to create effective email campaigns .

In addition, it is such a versatile tool, that I believe that almost all brands can take advantage of it. Still have not convinced yourself at all? Do not miss out on these 10 advantages of email marketing and discover all that you can contribute to your company.

10 advantages of email marketing for brands

1) It reaches a large percentage of users

Did you know that 91% of users check their email every day (according to Litmus data)? It is one of the most universally used tools, and we also access it from all devices.

To maximize the reach of your email marketing campaigns , it is very important that you make sure to use responsive email templates , that is, that they adapt the elements of the design to different sizes and screen formats. Luckily, nowadays most of the tools to create mass emails are responsive by default.

2) It is very easy to use and for all types of companies

The email marketing can be a cutting – edge and sophisticated tool, but it is also extremely accessible .

In the current market there are a lot of email solutions adapted to different needs and budgets. For example, SMEs can use free or low cost mailing tools and design them with “drag and drop” tools, while multinationals have professionals specialized in design and programming to implement the latest innovations in interaction. Whatever your brand, you can certainly launch an email strategy .

3) Addresses a relevant audience

With the new rules of the RGPD, we need to have the explicit consent of the users to send them marketing messages. Far from being an obstacle, this gives us the peace of mind to address a high-value audience , since the users that compose it have heard about our brand and have accepted to receive messages from it. This pre-selection makes the impacts much better utilized.

4) It has great segmentation possibilities

Normally, email marketing campaigns are directed to a database of users who have voluntarily left their information to us, and this information serves as the basis for developing more and more elaborate segmentation strategies. As we continue to send emails and the user interacts with them, we will know each time better and we can refine more and more.

The result of all this is that we will be able to send the right message to the right person at the right time. And this makes the effectiveness of campaigns grow like foam.

5) It adapts to all types of campaigns

The email marketing is a channel that allows us to communicate with our database, but the specific content of that communication is infinitely customizable. In addition, new tools, such as kinetic mail, further open the range of possibilities.

Therefore, the email adapts to different brands, user typologies and stages of the conversion funnel. The sky is the limit!

6) It is easy to measure

The current email marketing platforms , even the simplest ones, allow us to see the key metrics of our campaigns practically in real time, such as the opening or click rate.

Thanks to this, it is very easy to see what is working and what is not, and apply these lessons to future email campaigns as well as to other channels of our digital marketing.

In addition, this channel is one of the most appropriate for A / B tests . You only have to select a percentage of your database (usually between 5 and 20%) and divide it in two to send two different versions of your email. Then you can easily compare the results and send the most effective version to other users.

7) It is economical

The cost of sending an email is measured in fractions of a cent, especially the larger your database. If we compare it with other communication channels, we see that it is a very affordable option for companies of all sizes, especially if we consider its great effectiveness.

8) It is scalable

The email marketing can adapt to a database of 500 people or 50,000 without assuming excessive investment of time and resources. Moreover, the cost per user is usually lower the larger the database.

In addition, it is a means of communication that transcends physical barriers, making it ideal for launching campaigns to international markets with only a few adaptations, such as currency and language.

9) It is immediate

With other means of online advertising , we can not control the time when the user will receive an advertising impact. On the other hand, given the frequency with which users consult their inbox, we can control with great precision the day and until the hour in which they will see this message.

If we combine this feature with all the personalization possibilities offered by email marketing, we quickly see that it is a most interesting option to reach people when they are most likely to convert.

10) Your ROI is simply phenomenal

In the end, all these advantages can be summarized in one, and that is that the email is super effective. According to different sources, the ROI for each euro invested in email campaigns can reach 40 euros. This data is not so surprising if we take into account that it has a very low cost and great conversion possibilities: according to See Why, 62% of online purchases originate in an email.

In short, email marketing is a tool available to all marketers and with simply spectacular results. If you have not yet incorporated it into your online marketing strategy , now is the time!


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