Your always secure Internet access with the ExpressVPN application


If privacy is something that has you very concerned when accessing your Android terminal to the Internet, a solution to increase it is to use a VPN application. Among those that currently exist, there is one that stands out for its good options and reliability: ExpressVPN . We indicate what it offers.

With this development you can simulate accessing Try from places you are not, which increases privacy in a condemnable way because it is much more complicated to track the IPS of your computer. Thus, ExpressVPN acts as a mask to hide the access point from which you use your smartphone or tablet. By the way, that this work so well becomes a more than adequate solution to bypass the blockades that exist in some countries to not be able to use tools such as Instagram or Twitter.

One of the features offered by ExpressVPN, and that makes it a recommended development for all types of needs and uses, is that this work is completely translated . If you add to this an interface in which getting lost is practically impossible – there is a side menu for it and the size of the important buttons of action is considerable-, together you can say that the software is very accessible and can be considered for all audiences. By the way, the great use that is achieved with the inclusion of access to advanced possibilities taking advantage of the icon with three vertical points has seemed to us something excellent.

It is important to mention that the amount of options in the Adjust as somewhat limited . Yes, the basics are included, such as the type of VPN protocol you wish to use. This may be something negative for some, but it is undoubted that it increases the simplicity of use as we have proven ourselves. In what has to do with compatibility, in our tests on all models with 2 GB of RAM and Android 6.0 operating system allow to meet the minimum requirements. That is to say that practically all of the current terminals with Google operating system can use ExpressVPN.

Using ExpressVPN

The developers have hit the spot with ExpressVPN, since to access by using the gateway we talked about, it is necessary to simply click on the icon with the usual ignition image – then, automatically, it starts the connection-. Once you click on this element, a process begins automatically that is completed when the circle surrounding the aforementioned icon reaches the green color on the outside. By the way, the speed is not bad at the time of executing this action.

It should be noted that if you leave the options of ExpressVPN by default, it automatically opts for some of the existing and compatible servers (the choice is made for the shortest response time that is offered, which usually marks if a connection it is good or not – we recommend values ​​below three hundred – It is also possible to make choices manually, in order to emulate being in the USA (for example), and then access purchases as if you were living in that country.

In the tests that we performed, the operation was quite good , with goodtransfer rates considering that a VPN is used and, in addition, the connection process with the servers is really fast. Of course, sometimes suffer service stops at random – especially if you stop using the smartphone for long periods of time. In general terms, we have been convinced by the operation of ExpressVPN.

Download ExpressVPN for Android

If this application seems to be a good solution for your day-to-day, or even in a timely manner, you can get it for free in the stores Galaxy Apps and Play Store.In both cases the download and installation process is very simple , and testing the development has no cost for a week (then you have to acquire a license). The case, is that ExpressVPN believe that it is an excellent solution for those who are in conditions of mobility usually.


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