The ASO to position yourself in very few steps


Do you know the ASO techniques? ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It consists of the process of optimizing the positioning of the applications in the different online stores. And, as you will deduce, it is closely related to search engine optimization. Hence our owner. Today there are many apps associated with a website, and applying SEO is not enough. The apps require ASO techniques to position themselves. Therefore, in this post we show you how the ASO works  to position your website in a few steps. 

What is ASO?

Before we start we have to explain what ASO is .

Today there are hundreds of applications. Each time more are created. There are apps for everything: go on a diet, play sports, learn English or make up … According to the Ditrendia report, in 2017, 178 billion applications were downloaded worldwide. They are a universe !, and achieving an adequate positioning for them is not easy. For this reason, ASO emerges, to help them to be visible.

But what is, exactly, ASO?

Have you heard about SEO , right? Well, ASO fulfills the same functions. SEO positioning seeks to place a website among the top positions in search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And the ASO positioning is responsible for placing the App in the first search results in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Why is ASO important and how does it work?

If you have an application associated with a website (such as Ryanair, Uber and a long etc.) having a good SEO is not enough . The mobile application requires other techniques, that is, the ASO. This will help the application, but also indirectly to your brand with an improvement of the recognition and positioning of your website.

ASO allows you to easily and quickly find the application you are looking for. Just as SEO helps us make our website visible . ASO is designed to position itself in the online stores of App Store and Google Play, which are the best known. In them, 91% of the applications are downloaded. Next, let’s explain how ASO works.

We achieve good ASO positioning by following these  rules .

  1. Title . Use a short name and have the keyword you want to position. Examples: “Create your own start-up”; “ABA English”; “House Design Pro” … Google gives you 19 characters to do it. App Store, 25
  2. Description . You have to explain in a few words what it is and what the application is for.
  3. Icon . You have to have an original and creative icon that symbolizes your brand. Do not use white background because it will not stand out in the search results.
  4. Category . Many users search by categories. Example: “Photography”, “Family”, “Music”, “Entertainment”, “Social”, etcetera.
  5. Screenshorts They are screenshots that explain how the application is inside. You teach the App through screenshots.
  6. Reviews . The more positive reviews and more high scores, the better your application will be positioned.
  7. Keywords . You have to choose the keywords very well. The Google Play store does not have the option to include the keywords to position. App Store, yes. However, there are other options on Google Play. We see them right away.

As you can see, until now, the keys are practically the same Google Play and App Store. However, two other parameters are also taken into account in Google Play :

  • Downloads . The greater number of downloads of your App, the better position in Google Play.
  • Developer’s age . Google Play relies on developers who have been discharged for a long time and have uploaded other applications before.

To finish this section, I inform you that there are some free tools. For example, AppCodes, will help you with the search for keywords. Sensor Tower will indicate the level of optimization you have in the app stores. And with you can check who is using a keyword or keyword.

Once we have the application running, we have two other applications to track our positioning. They are The Annie and The Tool. And they are also free.

By improving the positioning of the app you also improve the recognition of your website. If you only work on the SEO of your website but do not optimize the position of the application in the search engines, you will only walk with one leg, not both. If you want to have good results, optimize the SEO for your Web and ASO for your application.

Other tools that will help you increase visits to your brand

Apart from the above, it is good to use Google Analytics , investigate keywords and use analysis tools to see if they work or not. Finally, if an application is not promoted nobody knows it. Social networks will help you spread the new launch and explain what it is about.

To give a greater diffusion to the App, you can include content related to it on the same website and publish them on different social networks, always accompanied by the link to the download page. Today in fact, we already have some applications that can be considered an extension of our own website.

There are, on the one hand, the cases of Facebook Feed, Instragam Pro or Easy Content . The latter allows you to add content to your web page in a simple way, which is good for keeping visitors. So, for example, a technology blog could share interesting news from the industry. Or an online store could post articles about upcoming fashion trends.

Another is My Reviews.  This app shows reviews of Google, Facebook and Yelp and allows visitors to your website to get the most up-to-date information about your company without having to leave your website. In this way, not only do you keep them on your website, but you can also get more interaction.


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