Recommended sizes of images for Social Networks


Social Networks are, nowadays, one of the most consulted information sources on the Internet, so they become the perfect showcase to show products or services to the global public. A quality content with attractive images translates into a high percentage of visits , calling more attention than the one that does not show images. However, we must bear in mind that Social Networks are in a state of continuous change and, therefore, it is necessary that we adapt the publications to the standards required by each one . Next, we will see the recommended sizes of the images in the main Social Networks.

Sizes of images Facebook

Facebook has recently changed the proportions of the images’ publications, forcing the content to be adapted to be displayed correctly on all devices.

  • Among the novelties we find the possibility of publishing videos in the cover section, making this part much more dynamic and eye-catching.  The recommended size for this cover section is 1200 x 675 px (16: 9), with a recommended minimum of 851 x 310 px.
  • Facebook has slightly reduced the size of the profile picture, with a recommended minimum of 180 x 180 px (1: 1). However, it is advisable to use an image with a much larger size to get a good resolution on all screens. A size of 360 x 360 px may be appropriate.
  • To share images on Facebook , the optimal resolution is 1200 x 630 px, although it could be enough to have a minimum of 504 x 504 px (1: 1).
  • The recommended resolution for the previewed links is the same as that of the shared images. That is, 1200 x 630 px, and it is advisable to use at least half of this resolution: 600 x 314 px.

Sizes of images Instagram

It is specially designed for the publication of images, so a correct selection of the size of them is essential to achieve the desired impact. In general, two different currents coexist: the classic version, which uses square images, and the most current version, which shows rectangular images that seek to make the most of the space available in publications.

  • In Instagram, the profile images are always cut out in a circular manner, so the ideal is to use a square image with at least 110 x 110 px, the recommended size being 180 x 180 px.
  • In the shared images we find again two types of images: square, with a recommended size of 1080 x 1080 px, or rectangular. In the latter case, its ideal size is 1080 x 566 px if they are horizontal or landscape; If the images are vertical, it is best to give a 4: 5 format, with dimensions of 1080 x 1350 px.
  • If we want to publish Instagram Stories we can only use images and videos at full size (16: 9) with recommended measures of 750 x 1334 px.

Sizes of images Youtube

If Instagram is the Social Network par excellence dedicated to images, YouTube can only say that it is the equivalent in terms of videos.

  • The profile photo or channel icon  is square, with a size of 800 x 800 px. This image is obtained through the linked Google+ account.
  • The ideal size for the image of the channel cover is 2560 px wide x 1440 px tall.
  • The thumbnails of the videos have a perfect format at 1280 x 720 px.

Sizes of images Twitter

The Social Network of the little blue bird has become an important hole. His brief, direct and immediate messages and his great dynamism have managed to grow at breakneck speed. Although traditionally it has been a medium with few words and many images, in recent times videos and integrated gifs such as those found in Giphy have become popular.

  • Contrary to what happens with Facebook, in the cover image we can not include videos. At the moment, the only option is the publication of images in png or jpg format. It is also not possible to use GIF in this section. The ideal size would be 1500 x 500 px, although it could be worth from 1024 x 280.
  • The recommended standard size for the profile image would be 400 x 400 (1: 1), but could be accepted from 200 x 200.
  • In the previewed links we will  use the same size with which the image will be displayed in the timeline. That is, 520 x 254 px.
  • In the images for tuits , p ueden square images (1: 1 format) used or elongated, with dimensions of 1024 px x 510 px high.

A trick to gain visibility and retweets is to upload the images directly to the platform through . In this way, the images maintain the native format and are not compressed in the timeline, reaching a greater impact on Twitter.

Sizes of images LinkedIn

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most used Social Network for job search, in which millions of professionals and companies converge worldwide. It is a global tool in which the projected image is the letter of presentation that marks the difference between an ideal candidate and one automatically discarded.

  • The profile image is the first thing you will know about the applicants, so in addition to projecting a good image, you should have a minimum size of 400 x 400 px, although ideally it would be 1080 x 1080 for the resolution to be perfectly viewable on all devices.
  • In addition to the profile image, the header or profile cover is gaining great relevance, since it can help improve the sensations projected by the candidate. LinkedIn recommends using a size of 1584 px wide x 396 px tall for optimal viewing.


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