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On December 31 at night everything is a party, fun and desire to have fun. Day 1 the thing changes … We get up late, the next day is working and for many it is the end of their short vacation (Reyes does not count). What to do lying on the couch? Rest and optimize your mobile with those apps.

In case the usual daily trot that we give it was not enough, Christmas represents a period of maximum use of the smartphone. We took a million photos (all at the highest quality); we send a million messages of congratulations using apps with original images or taking them from the Internet; we play more apps that we like; we see more YouTube; We made more video-calls … And all that with a finite memory, some apps that we do not use and a few folders of temporary content ‘catching shit’, that is, occupying a space that we could release and see how the terminal has a better performance.

Since it is day 1, the beginning of the New Year, the first day of the first month, why not instead of using the phone to review all of what New Year’s Eve gave uswe do not stop for a moment and do a little maintenance?

Delete Duplicate images, files and contacts

Facing a gallery that can have between 500 – 5,000 images is not easy. In fact, the more photos, the more it will cost us. But between social networks and publishers, the problem usually arises that photos are duplicated, tripled and even quadrupled. Let’s start with WhatsApp, that suddenly we see that the app takes up 1GB of space in the mobile, the phone gallery is a mess of folders and photos that we want to keep with all kinds of spam images and screenshots that have happened to us but do not do more what to hinder Cleaning them one by one is usually tedious, and deleting the WhatsApp folder from the gallery is not an option either.

Luckily we have apps like Cleaner for WhatsApp, which is responsible for scanning the terminal and showing us the images that appear repeated to delete them together. The best thing is that it also does the same with audio and video files , so we can clean all the multimedia content of the app in a moment reviewing what is repeated and what we had lost out there and we did not remember. Also Magic Cleaner, which will be responsible for scanning the phone and find all the junk images we have received by WhatsApp and we do not need to keep, including screenshots, screenshots, memes, video caps, drawings, etc. Once you have them, offer us the option to erase them all in a stroke.

If what we want is to clean the terminal beyond WhatsApp, Duplicate File Finder is able to scan the smartphone and find videos, audio files, songs and documents that are also repeated. The app will be responsible for reviewing the multimedia content, letting us choose if we want to keep the oldest or the newest files, and also allows in the case of songs to listen to them within the app itself to see if we delete the one we owe. And for duplicate contacts, duplicate Contact & Utilities, app that is responsible for doing a search in our list of contacts and delete those that repeat names and phone numbers, or even empty names and email contacts that are added several times by other ways.

Clean web histories

Surfing the phone is fun, but it always leaves a trace in the form of elements that are slowly consuming space and slowing down the terminal more and more. It is true that each browser offers its own option to clean histories, but with the amount of details that mobile apps use and leave saved occupying space, apps like History Eraser will help us to erase things at a stretch, since it can eliminate histories from web browsing, Google Maps, Gmail, clipboard files, youtube, the cache of an app, record of received, made and lost calls, download history and SMS messages. All of a pull, or according to which we choose, and without roots or costs.

Unused applications

Everyone has apps that he uses every day, others that he uses regularly, some that he occasionally enters, and others that he does not use but that he does not decide to delete either. ¿ Why not start the year by removing those that do not use and you know you will not use? If you want them back, they will continue in the Google Play Store or the App Store, but if you do not open them, it frees up that space, especially if we talk about game apps that weigh from 1 to 4GB (Bioshock, GTA San Andreas, Star Wars Kotor, Final Fantasy IX). In passing if you do not have any, and now that you are freeing space, you can install apps so that once a day or week you delete all the residual files, elements and items that remain in places like the web browser, social networks or online games .

Of all, perhaps the two most popular two: Clean Master, one of those essential apps to keep memory clean and also allows us to ‘ cool’ the phone by closing apps that consume too much CPU and therefore drain the battery. It also has an apps manager to see which applications consume more, which have not been used for a while and delete them without a trace, an enhancer for the CPU and memory that optimizes things like games. and CCleaner, an all in one whose main purpose is to empty the cache and temporary files residual terminal memory , in addition to controlling the state of phone resources such as CPU, RAM, etc. Ideal to keep the terminal clean and also to remove those apps that we will not use.

Accelerate the ignition

The ignition and restart of a mobile phone requires a specific time regulated by elements such as the operating system, RAM and the number of programs that are loaded at startup. The more we have in the ‘startup list’, the longer it will take the terminal to start. Once we have the phone clean and tidy, with the Startup Manager app we can accelerate its start. This app for Android detects all the applications that start when we turn on the phone, including both the system’s own and the ones we have installed on our own. Disabling those that are not necessary will give the mobile a power boost so that it starts faster. Free and without root, it allows you to calculate the time that the phone should take to start.


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