Key Android tips: Make your phone more secure


Today’s post we will devote to give you a series of key Android tips, so that your mobile is much safer.

In addition, at the end of the post we will include some tips from our mobile team of Android experts for both users and for those who want to create their app.

Key Android tips to make your mobile more secure

As a user of Android devices, we must know certain aspects to protect and make our data more secure. Although good, now with the new RGPD our data will be more secure. Or that is supposed.

But hey, those are other issues, now let’s see the key Android tips that can come in handy.

Do not download applications from unknown sources

Try not to download applications or APKs from unknown sources , since doing this can get you right or get very, very wrong.

By installing an APK file you run the risk of infecting your mobile with malware or adware . Google Play has different filters that analyze the applications that are uploaded to your store to ensure that they are safe and have no risks for users.

Although of course, this does not mean that we have blind faith in Google Play. You always have to check the developer and the opinions of the users.

Have you reviewed the permissions of your applications?

Have you reviewed the permissions you have given to the applications that you have recently downloaded? Or have you reviewed the permissions that pre-installed applications already have? Many times, because we do not read, we give everything we do, without looking at just what we are accepting.

If when you are going to download a new app, it asks for more permissions of the normal, distrust and do not grant them . And, if you have already done it, nothing happens, since they can be deleted.

To do this you just have to go to “Settings” and click on “Applications”. Once in that window, look for the application that you want to modify the permissions, you give “Permissions” and unmark those you do not want to have .

Try not to connect to public WiFi

We know that the temptation is very great, especially when we have little data left in our tariff. But, on many occasions, these networks are not safe at all.

Why? Well, because these connections are not usually encrypted, so any person who has basic knowledge about networks can capture the traffic that circulates through them and see what you are doing .

Sometimes it is better to spend more data that anyone can access your privacy, especially if you do not know their intentions. The most secure WiFi networks are those that you know with certainty, suchas your home or your friends’ house.

Choose manufacturers to update

If we have the best smartphone on the market but this does not receive updates, it does not help us. Because, if we want our device to be impregnable for malware or adware, our mobile must have the latest Android versions and security patches.

If we want to check the Android version and what security patch we have on our mobile, we just have to go to “Settings” and click on “Phone information”. There we can check the model of our smartphone, the version of the operating system and the level of the Android security patch.

The location of your mobile, very important

If you have lost your mobile, the location of this is an important tool to try to recover it. Some still do not know it, but Google has a tool to find your Android smartphone.

To do this, we must enter the web ” find my device ” from Google. Once here, we can check the last location in which our mobile phone was connected, as well as the last moment in which Google registered its location.

In addition, from this tool we can do the following:

  • See the location
  • Play sound to find it , even if it is silent.
  • Block the mobile and display a message on the screen. For example, so that whoever finds it can call the number you have put to return it to you.
  • Delete all content Although a useful feature in case of theft, is somewhat “dangerous”, because once the content is deleted, you can not track your device. But yes, the content will be eliminated, something very useful when you already know that you have definitely lost it.

In addition, this tool also exists in the app version and in the new version includes the possibility of registering the IMEI of the mobile device , in order to facilitate a possible report for loss or theft.

Since the IMEI, next to the serial number, is one of the unique identifiers of each device and can serve to block and make our terminal unusable.

The key Android tips from our mobile team

Our team of mobile application development experts has given us some key Android tips. Some of them are aimed at users of a smartphone with Android OS, and others for those who want to create their app .

Key Android tips at the user level

These are the tips that our team of mobile experts in Android has given us for a smartphone user:

  • Android stock or as close as possible: It is an Android version without modifications by the manufacturer, including only standard Android applications such as Youtube, Maps and Drive. It is considered one of the best existing operating systems, it is very fast and it is the least demanding version. You have less activity in the background.
  • Beware of cheap phones: Like everything, there is always a reason for a cheaper phone. And, in many occasions, this is because they give data to third parties.
  • Goodbye antivirus:  And is that from version 6 of Android, a new system of permissions is introduced that provides greater security to our smartphones.

Key Android tips at the client level

If your case is that you want an application tailored to your business, the tips that our mobile team gives you are the following:

  • No rush:  It is true that we all like the readiness in deliveries, but there are certain things that need their time and the development of custom applications is one of those things. Making the mistake of wanting the product as soon as possible, has a big negative impact on quality. An application that ends very quickly or is half missing or is badly made.
  • Do not saturate the first version: If the first version of our application contains too many functionalities, your maintenance costs will be increased and this can direct our project towards a bad course and different undesirable scenarios. It is best to implement only the most basic functionality and observe how users make use of our app, thus avoiding investing money in features that end up not using anyone.
  • Let yourself be guided by the developers: In the end, the developers or engineers have probably faced problems similar to yours before. If you let yourself be guided by their advice, you will probably have better results and cost savings.

Well, these are the key Android tips, both for you and as a user, if your case is that you want a custom application for your business or project.


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