Why does not my webpage appear in Google?


Getting to the top of the Google results pages can improve the exposure of your company, establish yourself as an industry authority and offer the type of ROI you want to see. But, why your website does not appear in Google or other search engines?

Many companies ask themselves this question. Unfortunately, there is no single answer. If you think you have been doing well without getting the best results, consider these possibilities:

Reasons why your website does not appear on Google

You have not spent enough time

When it comes to SEO, you have to be very patient. There are no shortcuts that you can take. SEO is not a process that happens overnight. Things must be done well and it takes time to research, create and implement a strategy and start producing content.

Then, Google takes more time to realize that changes have been made, and you have to wait for the search engine to determine if you are really providing valuable content.

To see results, it should take between six months and a year since you started to implement improvements. In other words, time is something you can not avoid. It’s difficult, but SEO requires patience.

The keyword is not appropriate

Let’s analyze for example the term “SEO”. Suppose you are an SEO agency in Valencia and your website is on the second page of results when someone performs the search “SEO”. And suddenly, one day, your website does not appear on Google in its usual position, without you having touched anything.

You begin to analyze what has happened and you realize that your blog does appear. It turns out that when someone searches for “SEO”, Google interprets that person is not looking for web positioning services, but information about what it is. You can do the same search to check the results of the first positions.

So, perhaps, the keyword is not appropriate and you have to look for other more specific terms such as: seo agency, seo experts …

Your website has a nice design, but it is not optimized

You’ve paid a lot for a web design that makes a good impression . Everything looks spectacular. So why does not Google appreciate it like you?

It is possible that your design is very beautiful, but has not taken into account the SEO.

Here is a list of things that may be holding back the ranking of your website:

  • Duplicate content
  • No content updates
  • Confusing navigation
  • Cannibalization of keywords
  • Goals, alt, titles, etc. incomplete

Your website goes unnoticed on the Internet

Links are still an important factor, and probably always will be. And while there are millions of ways to get them, not all are worth it, as some can be harmful.

You need a good list of links from various sources. Some should be nofollow, others should come from sites with a lot of authority … the goal is to get a varied and natural link profile .

Linkbuilding can also be a problem if you add negative links to your website. Some competitor may have used Black Hat SEO techniques to interfere in the SEO of your website. Add low quality links pointing to your website, copy your content, put a virus …

Google is pretty good at detecting negative SEO attacks , but you can not risk getting a penalty. Be aware!

Google has penalized you

A manual penalty can completely remove your website from Google search results. If you have previously classified very high and suddenly you have lowered significantly, you may have been penalized.

All you can do is open the Google Manual Actions report and start correcting the problems. If you received one of these reports, it means that a human reviewer has determined that your website no longer meets Google’s guidelines.

What could cause a manual penalty? According to Google, you could be penalized if the reviewer determines that you have:

  • Attacked website : your pages have been affected by a hacker.
  • Spam generated by the user: Comments spam in forums or blogs.
  • Free Hostings with deceptive content : a significant part of the pages hosted in a service are spam.
  • Structured labels with fraudulent content : the marking on the page is out of the guidelines, such as making certain content invisible to users.
  • Non-natural links : if you have many links that are considered artificial, deceptive or manipulable (which include the purchase of links or participation in link farms), you can be penalized.
  • Content with little or no value : your pages must offer real value to users.
  • Concealment or deceptive redirections : that is, you show different pages for users and for Google.
  • Hidden images : malicious use of images to get more clicks, the photos on your website are different from those on Google.
  • Hidden text and filling of keywords : Hide text in view of users or make an abusive use of your keywords.

You only work the SEO

SEO alone does not get the best results. It needs: content marketing, social networks, PPC and many other Digital Marketing strategies.

Elements such as time spent on the web, the number of clicks, mentions on the Internet and engagement in social networks influence your ranking. Of course, some of them affect your ranking more indirectly than others, but they all play an important role. Publish regularly on Facebook will not catapult you to the first position, but you can create a community and make more people visit your website, link to your content or read to you.

Google takes into account more than 200 SEO factors to position your website in Google. And they all help you to improve your rankings.

Your competition does more than you

Search engine optimization is no longer a secret technique that your competition has never heard of. It’s an integral part of modern marketing , and for every link you’re not creating and every post you’re not publishing, your competition does.

If you work from time to time SEO, you can start to see a small movement in the ranking. However, the fact is that those who delve into the depths of SEO will see more results than you do.

Remember, when you start doing SEO, it’s not you versus Google. It’s you against all your competition. And you are all trying to make a space for yourself in a very limited space.

If your website does not appear on Google yet, you’ll think there’s a lot to do to start ascending to the top of the search engine rankings. And you are right. Worse, this does not overwhelm you. You can start by making some small and simple changes on your website. If you are not yet classified, you may only need to give it a little more time.

Or maybe you need to immerse yourself in a more serious SEO strategy and you need help from professionals. Either way, examine your current situation and start slowly making the changes that you can. It may surprise you how much they can help you.


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