Web Design for Companies


There are many factors involved in a web design project , especially if that web page will be our company , it does not matter if it is a small or medium company a web page should always reflect the same spirit as our company.

We propose some aspects to take into account for the development of a web page design.

What should I take into account to contract the design of my company’s website?

The Graphic Design or Look & Feel of our website.- It is one of the most important issues in the development of the project since it is the spirit of our own website, we must always trust the criteria of the designers at the moment they make us the graphic proposals of our site.

In EyeT our designers work in conjunction with the programming team so that the functionality or functionality of a website in favor of design is not sacrificed. A website designed by professionals always follows an aesthetic and functional line, providing a fully operative and optimal website according to our needs and covering all usability criteria.

The content manager of our website.- (CMS – Content Management System). Currently it is essential that the owner of a web page is able to edit, modify or create content through access with a username and password, for that it is important to have defined the purpose of our project, know why we want to create our website and what public is directed and what is the objective of designing a web page for us or our company.

Depending on the needs of our company which are transmitted to the team that will be responsible for designing the website we can guide the best content manager that should be installed on the web, in EyeT we trust the most robust content managers like Drupal or WordPress, and Magento in the case of web pages for E-Commerce, since we are a pioneer in Web Design since 2017 in Pakistan and have extensive experience in the use of content managers.

That our website is Responsive.- This means that when designing our website, it will be able to adapt to the different current mobile devices such as Tablets and mobile devices, the programmers will work with a type of programming language that will allow our website to be flexibility and visualize correctly from any device, We must not confuse that our website is responsive to being a specific website for mobile phones and tablets.

Web Positioning.- If our priority at the time of designing a web page is SEO, it must be optimized for search engines, this does not mean that our website will appear in the first search results, but rather the way in which which is designed and programmed will allow you to cover one of the aspects that search engines have as reference to consider a site suitable for positioning. Since our website is prepared (optimized) for positioning and if the content of our website is sufficiently prominent to be positioned, we will undoubtedly obtain better results and we will be able to position our website in a natural way.

Organization of Content and Type of Content.- Usually called “content tree” is nothing else but the different pages that our website will have, and that are usually included in the main navigation menu of our website, as usual The sections usually include the Home, Who We Are or Company, Jobs or Services, News and Contact. It is usual for different companies to have different needs in terms of the type of content, such as specific forms for requesting budgets, private areas to which only registered users can access, etc. As well as the content of the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Conditions of use of the pages, etc.

How to Organize the content.? – Normally the content usually consists of text and images, We can organize in our computer a set of different folders for each page of content and in this folder include the text documents (which can include the images reference of the content) and the images separately, the most advisable thing is that the information of a section that is not complete is not sent, since the completion of our website may be delayed.

It is one of the most important details of our website since they are the ones that endow it with one of the biggest attractions, a quality image with a good web design can enhance our website, while images of poor visual quality can break with the aesthetics of the most careful design. In the process of designing a web page from EyeT we make a series of recommendations to our clients so that the way in which our websites are displayed is the most attractive.

With these few criteria or elements we can get an idea of ​​what the design of a successful website requires, and how it is important throughout the project process the communication between both parties, in EyeT we are a team of designers, programmers and technicians. that intervene in turning your web into a successful web and that reaches its objective.


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