Social Ads to help the Content Marketing strategy


What is a Content Marketing strategy?

Content Marketing is a strategy used by brands that consists in generating content of value for the user. This content must arouse some interest in the navigator and generate a positive reaction in them. The main objective of this strategy is to attract and retain potential customers and encourage them to make a future conversion.

It is not only about writing articles for the corporate blog or sharing any type of content on social networks. A good content marketing strategy organizes planning, production, promotion and content measurement.

It is a long-term strategy that requires time and dedication and, therefore, the results will not be visible immediately.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

The creation of a good content marketing strategy has numerous benefits for businesses with online presence:

  • It generates traffic to the brand’s web, blog and social network profiles. It is very important to create current and interesting content to attract as many users as possible.
  • Users share “viral” content of the brand and the image is multiplied. In the best of cases, users can share that content, promote it and generate more traffic.
  • Improve brand image The fact of offering users interesting and useful content, automatically generates a positive reaction in them, improving the reputation and visibility of the brand.
  • It builds trust and unites the brand with the community. Generating valuable content helps strengthen the link between the brand and users. The relationship with them is reinforced and allows them to better know their target audience.
  • Position a brand as an authority in its sector.
  • Improved web positioning (SEO). Creating quality and innovative content helps to improve the positioning of a web page in the search engines. Google rewards those pages that generate a high volume of quality content, as it considers that they provide added value for users.
  • It helps increase the number of customers and sales. As a result of increased traffic to the web and increased brand reputation, the target audience is more willing to carry out a conversion.
  • It is a cheap and profitable procedure. The creation and promotion of content has no cost in itself, but the time and effort devoted by marketing experts. Usually, it’s a kind of strategy that works very well

How to promote content on social networks?

Once the content is created based on the objectives of the digital marketing strategy, always aligned with the business objectives, and according to the characteristics of the target audience, it is time to promote it. The favorite channels for the promotion of this content are social networks, due to the high level of interaction of users with brands in this channel. There are three different opportunities: own, obtained and paid.

The concept of own social networks refers to the use of corporate social network channels to increase traffic to the content generated by the brand. This traffic does not generate any type of cost, it is free, since it comes from the brand’s own activity on social networks. This content is well perceived by users and helps create a community on the social networks of the most frequent visitors. Of course, the content must provide value and be of quality to arouse the interest of users and generate “engagement”. This type of promotion is very effective if the objectives of the strategy are to increase the brand image or boost traffic to the web.

The actions of social networks gained or obtained correspond to the interactions and mentions made by other users in social networks with respect to the content generated by a brand. Users spontaneously and voluntarily share content in their social media profiles, increasing the reach of a publication. These actions are very beneficial for the brand because they manage to impact a larger audience in a free way. In addition, publications recommended by friends have a better acceptance by users, transferring that acceptance and level of confidence directly to the brand.

Paid social networks, or Social Ads, are ads on social networks, created in order to increase the number of views of the content. Content marketing strategies can be compared to a background career and it is usually necessary to give a little boost with paid actions on social networks. By investing money in social media publications, it is possible to direct the message to a more specific audience and increase the reach of a publication. These actions are very valuable when it comes to promoting content with the aim of increasing customers, leads and sales.

Social Ads as an aid to the content marketing strategy.

Generating traffic to a website in an organic manner, that is, through the implementation of an SEO strategy and the creation of content that is attractive to the user, becomes a very laborious and time-consuming task. It is a very long-term strategy that must be optimized day by day.

To get results of an immediate nature, a good idea is to incorporate paid marketing actions in social networks (Social Ads) combined with a content marketing strategy. The main benefits are:

  • The organic reach in social networks is falling and, therefore, complementing this strategy with advertisements or promoted publications enhances the performance increase.
  • Advertising accounts in social networks give a series of very valuable metrics to measure performance, such as CTR, CPC and ROI, among others.
  • It is possible to reach more specific audiences that correspond to the target that best suits the interests of the brand. Social networks as an advertising channel allow the audience to be segmented according to different parameters such as gender, age, geographical location, interests, behaviors, etc.
  • It is a good way to get results in a very fast way, without having to wait for results through the organic strategy. It is highly recommended to know what type of content works best among users and, thus, also follow that path in the content marketing strategy not paid.
  • In general, advertising on social networks is quite cheap, with a low CPC and also gives very good results.

Deciding on which social networks to promote paid content depends on various factors. Each social network presents a series of characteristics that are favorable for different situations.

The most popular social networks when launching advertising campaigns are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Facebook

It is considered the dominant social network, although it has suffered a great decline in popularity in recent times. This platform allows the publication of different advertising formats (image, video, sequence, canvas …) in different locations (news section, right column, videos …)

It is an advertising platform that has numerous and varied users, allowing advertisers to create advertising campaigns and segment them in a detailed manner, impacting the audience they want to reach.

  • Instagram

Instagram is positioning itself as one of the favorite social networks by users, especially the youngest ones, and that translates into a very good opportunity for advertisers to increase the reach of their ads. It is the social network that has increased the most in number of visits in the past 2017.

It is a very visual social network, perfect for the publication of images and videos. Through the platform, advertisers have the possibility to disclose and sponsor content about businesses, products, applications, services, etc.

Instagram ads are displayed as promoted posts in the feed itself in image, video and sequence format. In the year 2017, Instagram gave the possibility to brands to promote their ads through the Stories.

Instagram advertising is managed through the Facebook platform, since Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

  • Twitter

This network of “microblogging”, which had suffered a great decline in popularity in recent years, has regained its power as a communication tool and advertising platform. The speed of response and transmission, along with the brevity of their messages, make Twitter a very interesting social network for advertisers.

Twitter has various advertising formats such as account promotion, Trending Topics and tweets with image or video.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network aimed at professionals and works as a network of contacts in the workplace. The great advantage of this social network as an advertising platform is the great possibility of segmentation applied to the workplace. By contrast, the average CTR on LinkedIn is low and the average CPC quite high, compared to other social networks.

LinkedIn has different types of advertising: text ads, Display, dynamic, sponsored content and sponsored “inMail” messages.

In addition to the characteristics of social networks, we must also take into account the number of followers, the level of interaction and the activity that the brand has in the different profiles of social networks at the time of choosing.

In conclusion, combining an organic content marketing strategy with a PPC strategy in social networks can reward numerous benefits to the brand’s activity. As mentioned above, the content marketing strategy can generate long-term benefits and online advertising can help produce benefits in a more immediate way


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