Create video ads on Facebook through images


The video format is considered the format that presents a better performance within the advertising world and that is why, more and more, advertisers allocate a greater percentage of their advertising budget in its creation and dissemination. However, the production of a quality advertising video is an arduous task for which it is necessary to allocate a large amount of resources, both at the time and budget level. As a result, many companies can not enjoy the great benefits that this format brings.

When choosing the channels in which a digital marketing strategy will be implemented, the social network Facebook continues to be a favorite among advertisers to advertise their products or services and to increase the visibility of their brand image.

It is true that, after the various scandals that occurred in the last year that damaged the reputation of this social network, the advertising platform of Facebook has suffered a deterioration in terms of trust on the part of users and advertisers. In any case, it continues to be one of the favorite social networks among users and advertisers due to the functionalities it offers, the good results that can be achieved and its great growth potential.

Taking into account the AdStage PPC Benchmark report for the second quarter of 2018, the CPC, or cost per click, in a Facebook campaign ranges from 0.43 $ and presents a CTR of 2.24%. This data is very attractive for advertisers and that is why Facebook is one of the most successful platforms when it comes to advertising campaigns, both to achieve goals of traffic, reach, lead, conversions, etc.

One of the novelties of this advertising platform is the possibility of creating video ads through images . This new functionality allows advertisers to offer much more interesting content to users without the need to invest a large part of their advertising budget and their time in the production of a quality video.

As has been advanced at the beginning of this article, this novelty will be a great advantage for many advertisers who do not have the necessary resources to produce a video and who were missing the opportunity to impact their target audience with the format advertising that usually presents better performance and acceptance by users of this platform.

In recent years, video has positioned itself as the favorite format of users to consume content, especially on mobile devices. The possibility of telling a story that arouses interest to the user is really important to increase the engagement of users with this content. The current trend is that the consumption of mobile video is increasing over the years and that is why brands have to adapt to it and include this format to their advertising campaigns. And Facebook makes it easy for you.

How to create a video through Facebook?

Facebook makes available to advertisers “Create to Convert”, a tool capable of creating attractive videos for users through the use of images. In this way, this tool allows you to convert images and text into compatible videos adapted to the “feed” of Facabook and the “stories” of Facebook and Instagram.

Create to Convert gives advertisers the possibility to choose between four ways to create their videos:

  • Basic Motion: It consists in animating an image by adding one or two movement elements and a “call to action” (CTA) at the end of the video to generate the desired commercial result. The announcement will focus on a key product to generate interest and get conversions.
  • Brand in Motion: Give life to the elements of a brand in order to promote brand awareness and, as a final touch, includes a “call to action” to encourage the user to take a specific action.
  • Benefit in Motion: It gives life and movement to the benefits that you want to highlight from the brand or a specific product, such as discounts, special offers or an exclusive service offered. In this case it is very important to include a CTA that takes the user to action. This modality is designed for campaigns whose final goal is the conversion, either sale or registration.
  • Demo in Motion: This is a video tutorial that demonstrates how the operation of a product, an app or a service is. In addition, a CTA is included for the finalization of the video, in order to encourage the user to know in more detail the operation of the announced.

This new service offered by Facebook is still very recent to draw conclusions about its performance. However, taking into account the testimonies of some advertisers who have already implemented this tool, the results are quite good, both in terms of engagement with the publication and in the achievement of conversions. According to Facebook, 69% of the brands that have used this new service have managed to improve the conversion rate at a lower price.


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