5 trends that will impact digital marketing in 2019


Mobile devices are presented as the main vehicles for the consumer to access all types of content in different formats thanks to its ubiquity, size and portability.

The rapid advance of technology, data protection, customer experience and artificial intelligence are some of the elements that will mark the development of digital marketing in the next year. While companies have already begun to apply new techniques and methodologies in their online marketing actions, other trends seem to take longer to settle.

These are the five trends that will have the most presence in digital marketing departments during 2019:

Fast content

Consumers access any type of information, anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones. Therefore, brands are developing fast, easy and entertaining content to provide information to users . The ephemeral content has become popular in recent years thanks to social networks, especially in video format, offering the possibility to brands to communicate short, simple but effective messages to their consumers.

Advertising transparency

Data has become an indispensable element in the marketing strategies of companies, but they must be used intelligently and provide value to the customer. Thanks to the information offered by consumers, companies can offer content based on their preferences, at the right time and with precision . However, brands should not make the mistake of disguising their content advertising and should bet on transparency and honesty.

The raid of smart speakers

Smart loudspeakers in homes have recently become popular, an advantage that can be exploited by brands to carry out personalized advertising strategies, being aware of respecting privacy and not being invasive.

Marketing automation

Automate marketing tasks and actions will become a reality in Spanish companies in 2019. Marketing automation will reduce costs by up to 25% in lead generation, optimize customer engagement and favor automatic learning based on data. All this will help to acquire a global vision of the business to improve decision making.

The future of visual search

Technology companies are focusing their efforts on the development of visual searches, that is, internet searches based on photographs or images. These technologies are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and will have a special application in the electronic commerce sector, since users will be able to obtain and buy a product through an image.


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